This week I have been off from school on half term. I want to say I’ve had a relaxing week off. But this is only partly true. I’ve had so much homework and revision to do i don’t know how my head hasn’t exploded. Either way, I’m dreading going back to school on Monday.

However, in between doing plenty of sleeping, eating and homework, I did manage to get out on walks to see the somewhat beautiful country I live in. 

Here are just some, of the pictures I took…

’Go out in nature and breathe some fresh air. Let go of your worries. Feel the wind in your hair- Katrina Mayer’
’Uitwaaien- to take a break to clear ones head; lit. “To walk in the wind”‘
’Sometimes, you need to step outside, get some air and remind yourself of who you are and who you want to be.’
(Who can spot my Dad’s nearly bald head?) 

This weeks blog was quite short because I was too inspired and amazed with these photos so I was determind to post these instead. Comment what you think as I’m really enjoying photography at the minute. 
See you in next weeks post x


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