Happy Mothers Day 🎉💕 

Is Mother’s Day not today in America? Eh never mind. It is here (UK). Hope you all enjoyed my previous post on tips to help you create a lovely day for your mum. 

Anyways, moving on. This is just a quick post about if you haven’t already guessed my Lipstick Collection. Admittedly, it’s not every one I own because well, it would no longer be a quick post. But here’s just some of my favourites…

Seventeen- Lip Crayon

 To start off my collection I wanted to start with one of my favourites. Now these came in a group but my most used one is the red. I don’t know why it just stands out to me compared to the rest. You will soon realise during this post reds are my favourite lip shades. They’re all beautiful colours and they come in a great choice that is highly reccomendable. 


 Woo! Next one matches my nail varnish (this was not purposefully). As you can tell I love the colour. I love the packaging. I just love Revlon. It’s affordable and good quality. 

Beauty UK 

This shade in a lipstick is just (in my opinion) beautiful. I love how it’s not too dark but it does have that edge. Recently, it’s been perfect to wear for autumn, Halloween, winter. To be fair I’ll probably still be wearing this through the summer months. 


Out of all of my collection this is probably my cheapest. Bad thing? Of course not. If you hadnt heard of this brand then I could of easily told you it was in the middle of the market. But it might well as be, I can’t find a fault, the colour, the texture, I really have no problems with this lipstick so the price is just a bonus.


Is it just me that has that one piece of makeup with no brand name placed on it? Well from reading the title of this lipstick hopefully you’ve realised that it isn’t actually called Anonymous. I just have no idea where I bought it. If you have any ideas, please comment below. However, I think I should feel bad for not knowing where I got this from because it is an amazing product. You should be able to tell from the little amount I have left. Admittedly, this shade is mainly used during the summer but still it’s well worn and I should really find out where to get another one…
Soap & Glory- Sexy Mother Pucker 

 Who seriously does not love the name of this Lip Lacquer. In fact all soap and glory products are outstanding. Anyway, focussing on this one I love the texture of this the bright colour. Once again Soap and Glory have not disappointed. I have recently fell in love with this brand and as long as they keep selling these beautiful lip products I will always be a loyal customer to them. 

Oops, this was supposed to be a short post wasn’t it? Ah well hope you enjoyed it none the less. Have a great Mother’s Day (if your from the UK). Feel free to comment your favourite lipstick. 

See you in next weeks blog x 

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