I decided to do a blog post about easy cheap ways in which you could add detail to your room. In the last year, I had my bedroom refurnished. Today I moved this furniture around. With my Mums help we turned my room around..literally. Anyway, in doing this I picked up a few tricks I’d like to share…

1. Flowers 

 Not gonna lie, I’m pretty sure I try and squeeze flowers in every blog post. But still, how could I not? Flowers are just so pretty! I say it everytime but it just imediately lights up the room. They’d look perfect on a window sill, I think, as its usually the place I struggle to fill without making it look untidy. 

I was coming to the end of my blog when I began to tell my mum what I had decided to include. From talking to my mum I found out that it was best to take flowers out of your room at night when you sleep because they absorb oxygen. Now from what I was taught at school I came to believe flowers only ever absorbed carbon dioxide and emitted oxygen. Anyways after doing some 5 minute research I came to the conclusion I don’t really have one. It was pretty much 50/50. Some sites said  it was an old wives tale others said it was true but it was just like competing for oxygen with the person sleeping next to you.

Either way, sorry for the Biology lesson, confusion and what ever you choose to believe  do or don’t leave your flowers in your room.

2. Canvases   

                                                    The canvas on the left is one I painted around Christmas. I know it’s not a work of art and even just a couple months on I know I could do a better job but Its the sentimental value it holds. Neither is it in my room, it hangs in the dining room which makes me feel prouder. It’s a lovely way to liven up the walls. And it doesn’t even have to be on a canvas it could just be on some A4 paper or card.

As for the one on the right, I bought that from Dunelm, which is where most of my bedroom items are from. This does hang up in my room and really goes well with the Parisian theme I have throughout my bedroom. 

3. Cushions

 Thinking about what to include in this post, I realised what I was leant against and that was Cushions. It occurred to me how much I adore having cushions on my bed. As it turns my bed that I sleep in on a night to somewhere I can relax during the day to watch tv or read and I like that separation. They don’t have to be expensive it’s just a nice addition to your bed. 

4. Candles

 Yes. I have a candle addiction. Even if you’re looking at the above pictures and thinking ‘that’s not too many’ then you’d be wrong cause I have a draw full. 

To be fair I could probably do a whole other blog post on my Candle collection. But I’ll just quickly tell you what this consists of. I have a few from dunelm because they were really cheap and last so long, I think around 30 hours. I also have a ton of Yankee candles because who doesn’t? Then I absolutely love my tea lights as I have a load of holders for them dotted around the house. 

Candles are usually fairly priced. Scented are always a bonus to make your room smell heavenly. To wrap up, candles are just a must in a bedroom.

Such a long post! Hope this helped in any way. If you’d like a Room tour post, like or comment down below and I’ll try and do one in a couple of weeks. Next week, Pamper Post!


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