All day I have been contemplating writing a post for tonight. Even just thinking about what to write was a struggle. But I’ve finally brought myself to type something. Hopefully, there will be another post tomorrow night on how I spent my Easter. As I said I’d try and post more in these two weeks. In all honestly, I just haven’t been bothered to do so. I do have a few more plans this coming week so I will desperately try to post more.

Although, one thing that puts me off of posting is believing no one likes what I post. And this is a pretty big thing that discourages me. However, I try and think it’s something I enjoy doing so I just do it because of that. 

Anyways, getting onto topic. I titled this post as a ‘Blast from the Past’ because I was thinking about what I used to love to do and that was draw. So I dug up my old drawings and thought I’d show you all. I suppose this is more for me than anyone, to look back on. But if you like any of these drawings, comment like whatever you want and I’m thinking about drawing some more…

Baring in mind I drew these more than a year ago. So they’re not that good..   
              Don’t know what happened to this photo it just became squashed after taking the photo☝️☝️☝️    Contact Details

Woo! I’ve finally got public social media for you to all follow. I follow back!

Twitter- @Sophi15Samantha

Instagram- @sophie15samantha

Not up and running just yet but will be posting plenty on these when I have gained a few more followers. 


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