Happy-sort-of-Easter! By the time this post goes up it will be technically tomorrow but only by a minute so I think I’m good. 

Anyways, as promised, another post tonight as well! Basically over the course of today I’ve been taking spring like photos that I’d like to share with you…



 I think this is the most Eastery (is that even a word? Probably not) picture I took out of all them. I just think it’s so cute and the mini eggs are just a added bonus.

  Today was probably the nicest and warmest days we’ve had this year in the UK. But basically it was a good excuse to wear a piece of clothing that wasn’t fit for winter. 

This is the evidence that the sun was out today. Literally the nicest thing, like I have honesty missed the sun so much during the winter months.   

  Sitting out for part of the day in my garden was so peaceful. These little guys were just flying around constantly. And I much prefer these to bees and wasps. They are so pretty, I can’t wait till I start seeing different types. 
  When I said previously about it being the Easteriest (swear I’m just making them up now) picture. I think these have got to be, I mean what’s more Easter like than Easter cards? Anyways these are the two I got off of different family members. Comment down below if anyone gets many cards at Easter? Or is it just me that doesn’t get many? 
  Finally, if you have read a couple of my posts now. You’ll know flowers occur quite often in them. Because they’re just so preetttyyy. Ugh I have a real obsession. 
Hope you enjoyed my Easterish post. Comment, like, and check out my social media, I follow back.

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