Blackheads, whiteheads, spots, zits, we all get them. But sometimes it depends on how we deal with them that’s really the problem. 

To start, I’m going to go over how I maintain my face from exploding into a zillion spots. Then I will explain what I do when the inevitable happens; the spots appear. 

I always make sure to have at least one day of the week or more where, apart from cleansing, I put nothing on my face. It just gives my skin a breather and relaxes it from the week. 

Weekly, I try and use a face mask. It’s usually the one from Superdrug and it’s a peel off. However, recently I got a taster sized bottle of the Balance Me Radiance Face Mask. Now this isn’t something I’d usually go for but I actually really love the product. It’s so quick and simple to use during the week, that I’ll probably use it a couple times. I will most definitely have to purchase the bigger bottle soon. 

Finally, I always think a structured skin care routine always helps to maintain a healthy face. However, going into each product I use would turn into a different post altogether. So, I did do an Evening Skincare Routine a while back so you can go check that out. At the minute, I am into No7 products because they’re just working well with my skin type. 

Skincare products are really good and can do reels for your face but why not try good old warm water? Wash your face twice a day and only pat dry rather than scrub as scrubbing causes skin to produce more oil.

Ugh. So when the time comes and you have spot/s. I always like to click on this link

This tells you the cause of the spot that’s in that particular area. I find it really useful even if I don’t know the reliability of it. 

When I do have spots I don’t really have a wide range of products that is aimed for that purpose. However, I do have one and that is the No7 Deep Pore Purifier. Which I did do a review on in my Evening Skincare Routine as I previously mentioned. 

However, I think at some point we’ve all got to realise it’s natural to get spots. All because of hormones, stress, etc. But if you feel exceptionally uncomfortable with the spots on your face then I’d suggest going to your local GP or even getting reccomendations in your nearby drugstore.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed my really chatty post. Comment, like or follow me on social media where I post updates.

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