Today, I ended up making a lot of food. Which isn’t technically a good thing when there’s only 3 people under 1 roof. 

Anyways, I used a recipe from one of my favourite people; Tanya Burr! Literally she is such an inspiration to me and her book is like my bible. 

Moving on, aha I decided to put a twist to one of her recipes..

   Basically, instead of the icing sugar topping I used melted milk chocolate and sprinkled white chocolate over the top. They do taste really nice. And It was a nice change from making Tanya Burrs Cookies. 

Not to get off topic but here a just few other things I’ve baked/done inspired by Tanya Burr. 


Finally, I cooked tea! Woo! Really impressed as it turned out great and it even had vegetables in it…like whaaat?!

  It doesn’t even look that nice but it really tasted delicious. It was really simple as well. Just layered a tray with puff pastry. Then lined the bottom with potatoes. And filled with spring onions, mushrooms and onions. Finally, covered in hollandaise sauce. Didn’t take long in the oven and I can’t wait to experiment with different fillings. 
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