I have been itching to write a new post recently.¬†But with exams I haven’t been able to let myself think let alone come to type anything. Anyways, with a week off now¬†I thought it was my perfect opportunity to post loads with the unfortunate exception of still having to revise (ahh well¬†it will all be over¬†soon).

Moving on, I thought it’d be fun to finally do a room tour! I literally couldn’t wait any longer to do this post. So I apologise in advance if the¬†photos are not in the best quality, but enjoy…BedroomIt seemed pretty logical to start with a bed picture for a bedroom post. But I really adore this bedding. In fact my bed is practically like sleeping on a cloud, a really stylish cloud, but still a cloud. I do believe I may have gone a little over board with cushions, (who wouldn’t? most of them were half price!)¬†However, I do think they really complete the look of my bed.

And if you’re interested in taking a closer look at something I will link them down below:

Night stand

The thing closest to my bed is…..my night stand. When I had a single bed it was too awkward to have a bed side table but now I have a king size bed I have took full advantage of this. As you can see I have a lamp,¬†my kindle (FYI:¬†may make an appearance in¬†a monthly favourites) and a candle. I usually have a bottle of water featuring on the side but there was just no way to make that look¬†good and fit well in a photo.

CalendarUnfortunately, this one doesn’t come with any links because its pretty basic. But it plays a big part in my room, as I’ve found it helpful, when I’m stressed, to write down all the things I need to remember. For example exams, or remembering its your dads birthday. Big or small its been really useful to have something to look at and pass that assures my brain my life is¬†not in one big mess.

Dressing TableAhh my dressing table. I love it, everything has its own particular place. If you look closely I have one side NO7 and the other Soap & Glory. I have also added a little touch; the pearls either side of the mirror. Comment down below if you’d like to see another post on the compartments of my dressing table (basically my makeup).

CanvasesFinally, I chose to decorate my bedroom walls with these canvases. Which I think go well with the theme of Paris that I have tried to show throughout. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any links, although I am positively sure¬†the two biggest ones are from Dunelm and the small group of three were from Store Twenty One.

We have come to the end of what seems¬†like a very long post. I hope you enjoyed the spin I put on a Room Tour and if you’d like any extra information on any of the products or want to see more, comment down below and don’t forget to give it an old like!

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