This post is not as deep as the title, I just think it fits well with my featured Image (the first photo I will start with).

So I have emerged from my exams alive! Well most of them I have one left on Monday (French Writing ugh). But anyways I went for a walk to enjoy the sunny (although really windy) day with friends.

And of course I took some photos, so enjoy..

WARNING! There is a lot of them, ah well..

beach 3

beach 20

beach 15

beach 16

beach 17

beach 18

beach 19

beach 14

beach 12

beach 11

beach 10

beach 9

beach 8

beach 7

beach 6

beach 5

beach 4

beach 1

beach 2

beach 13

Hope you liked the post, like, comment down below at which photo was your favourite and follow me on twitter (@Sophi15Samantha)




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