A couple of weeks ago I had my work experience week and a mock interview. And I found a look that worked well for me that made me still look better than what I do on a morning but still somewhat professional.

makeup 5

Okay, so obviously start with your skincare products, making sure you moisturise etc. Then I went straight for the concealer, I’m not sure what does go first is it concealer or foundation? Anyways, I like to use the Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer, because its the perfect product. I would show you the inside of the product but frankly Its gotten a bit battered and I need to repurchase another one. I love that it has a separate concealer for under the eyes and then blemishes. So, I wont go on and on because I’ve talked about this product numerous times, but this is what I use first.

make up 4

Next, I head straight to my trusty No7 Stay Perfect Foundation. This. Is. Amazing. Like the last product, I talk about it all the time, which I apologise about. However, if you do not have this foundation, what are you really doing with your make up choices? Anyway, making this shorter than the last caption, I put this all over and you only need the smallest amount.

make up 6

Then I focus my attention onto my brows. Its only been this year that I have started to purchase products for my brows mainly because I was scared of my okay-shaped-eyebrows turning into slugs. So I’m starting lightly in the brow department with just a gel and I may or may not work my way up. However, I think it goes well with the make up look as the aim was to look fresh and clean. The product I used for my brows was the L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper.

make up 2

make up 1The interesting part is the eye shadow I think. It’s where people can experiment with makeup the most. However, when going for an interview I’d say keep it neutral. I went for a smoky eye but with lighter shades so it didn’t look like I was going for a night out. I’m no make up artist and I don’t know the make-up language but basically I used a light brown shade across the lid and then a darker shade in the crease. That’s the best explanation anyone could get out of me. But I do really the No7 Eye shadow Palette it includes all shades I use. Anyone else love the rose gold packaging?

make up 3

This is a great eyeliner by Revlon. Obviously, how I used this product is quite self explanatory. However, I’d suggest to not do a cat eye if you’re going for a interview. But if you’re looking for a good eye liner this is great.

make up 10

This False Lash Superstar Mascara was probably the best mascara I’ve ever purchased. Before buying, I had read reviews commenting on the fact it gave a spider effect. But for me, I think it depends on how much and how you apply it. I have got it to a spider effect (but it didn’t look bad enough to take it off) at one point. But its been easy to get It to the volume I want. Its a great product and I will definitely be repurchasing.

makeup 7Usually, for an interview I’d go for a bland or clear lip gloss. However, this is very buildable. Even though, I never managed to actually wear it on one of the days I do think it’s subtle enough to get away with. Plus, when it eventually wears off it gives your lips a bit of colour.

Anyway, here’s the finished look…

make up 8makeup 9

This was a really long post and I apologise, but hope you enjoyed it nonetheless. Like, comment, catch me on social media. Twitter @Sophi15Samantha




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