Last week, some of my friends came round to camp. Yes, they came to my house to sleep out in my back garden. You could say it was adventurous of us, we were definitely living on the edge. We could have played with fire and camped maybe further a field but we thought it was a good enough idea, to celebrate breaking up for Summer, the way we did.

After my eventful experience, which you can read about here, I decided I’d write a blog post on my top 5 useful tips.


Now this is a pretty huge point because it covers a lot. I’m not just talking about having the right equipment but I mean checking the equipment works. Of course, it was at my house so anything I’d forgotten I could have just gone inside. But for starters, my “2 man” tent didn’t really meet my expectations. So let’s just say my friend and I were very very close that night. We were also hoping it didn’t rain, not because we wouldn’t like being in a tent if it did start raining, oh no, we prayed it wouldn’t rain because our tent didn’t seem to be all that waterproof… So for your own sake, if no one else’s, make sure you can put up your tent, it is the right size and it is waterproof.

2. Comfort? Gone.

If you want to experience the slightest of comfort when camping, you might as well take your mattress with you. I feel like, I could have had numerous amounts of sleeping bags underneath me but I would still feel the hard ground below. Maybe it’s just me, being the first time camper and not getting anything right but I had the correct sleeping bag for camping, what did I do wrong? If you camp and sleep in comfort comment down below how?

3. Activities are key. 

I wouldn’t necessarily say we got bored during the evening. But maybe if we had had activities to do it may have made things a bit more interesting. We did paint each other’s faces, because the whole thing was supposed to be festival themed, but I still don’t know why we did it. Anyway, different, funny, activities are key to camping. Whether it’s would you rather questions or innuendo bingo, do something that fits your group.

4. Food. Do I really need to explain?

If you don’t eat you’re going to be hungry. If you don’t have the right food, it may end terribly. By that, I mean don’t buy food you know no one will eat. You’ll have wasted a ton of food for nothing. Also, think about the environment you’re in. If it’s freezing why pack ice creams? If it’s warm why bring hot chocolate fudge cake? (To be fair, chocolate cake can be eaten whatever time of year). Anyways, this wasn’t a big problem for us as we had my house to get food in and out of, but it was worth the mention.

5. Stay. At. Home.

For everyone that loves camping, great carry on doing it. For everyone that hasn’t camped before, don’t let my opinion become yours, try it for yourself before you make a judgement. But for everyone else who has camped and can safely say they won’t be doing it anytime are my type of people. It’s not just for me. I’m not high maintenance. I’m not spoilt and by no means will I not try new things and suck it up to have a go. But camping was uncomfortable. I loved everything before actually sleeping. Sleeping I just could not do. The noises, the ground, everything seemed to happen when I wanted to sleep. Therefore, in my opinion id stay at home. Definitely have nights out in nature, but my type of species are better off indoors..

Hope you enjoyed this different blog post. ITS OFFICIALLY SUMMER!! I can’t wait and now will be posting two times a week. Like, comment and tell me about your camping experience..

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