As you can see from the title this is my July Favourites, a post I’ve never ventured to do until now. So, I might as well get started with what I’ve been loving this month..

1. Walking 

 If you read my last post, you will know I went walking. And that has been a regular occurrence since my summer has started. I’m surrounded by fields so it’s pretty hard not to go out. I do love it of course, it makes me realise where I live is kinda pretty.

2. Surgical spirits 

 This is probably the most random favourite, so I do apologise for that. However, if you read the odd post of mine or all of them you’ll know about 2 weeks ago I got my second piercing done on my ear. The man that put holes in my ears suggested I purchased this to keep them clean. Honestly, don’t know what I have done without this, it has kept my ears really clean and it’s only another month now until I can take them out, how exciting haha.

3. Shoes 

 Basically, I was in need of some slip ons for the summer as its always easier to have shoes you can literally just slip on. These were from Dorothy Perkins and I think they were on sale for like £6?? So a really good deal and they’re so comfortable!

4. Righteous Butter

 If you can’t see in the photo as there is a bit of a glare this is the Soap & Glory “The Righteous Butter”. And I’m not going to lie I go through stages with this and it’s in no way the products fault it’s literally just because I’m lazy. I do love this product though and have been using this religiously these past few weeks. 

5. Glow job 

 I. Love. This. Product. This is the Soap & Glory “Glow Job” and it’s the perfect product for Summer. During this time I rarely put any make up on my face and just focus in on the eye area. But this is perfect. If you have a tan, it highlights it, if you don’t, doesn’t matter you’ll still glow. I would reccomend this and I know I’ll use this in the next month just as much as I have this past month. 

6 & 7. Nail Varnish

  So I’ll start with the product on the left. This is the Collection 60 second Nail Polish in the colour ‘Candy Floss’. This is the current colour I have on my nails at the minute and I’m loving it. I do have a few more from the same brand in different colours and have been loving it this past month. The one next to it is the Sally Hansen Double Duty. I have used this for months, so I knew this had to be a must in my favourites. If I don’t have this on my nails with or without a colour on top I can feel the difference in my nails. They break quickly without this on. So if you’re looking to strengthen your nails cheaply I’d recommend this. 
8. Music

 I have always had a love for Taylor Swift and her music. But this past month I’ve not only been addicted to her latest album but her older ones too. I literally can’t even list the songs I’m loving most out of all of them because I would have to list them all. Speak Now. Red. 1989. I love them all…

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