I am currently 3 weeks into my Summer and I wish it would slow down! It usually drags. Anyways, on the days I have had all to myself to do something, I have started to spend my time creatively. And I thought I’d show you how…

artSo for my first project this Summer, my friend and I came up with the idea to make a garment, as both our interests lie in textiles. 3 weeks in, we have only decided what we want to create (a jumpsuit) and completed a mood board with our ideas. However, hopefully during the remainder of the holidays we actually make a start. I just think this is something a bit different to try, especially doing it with your best friend means you don’t do it on your own. Whether you know what you are doing or not its fun to try. You don’t even need to make a garment, I find creating mood boards therapeutic in its self.

art 2Knitting. It’s something I had to learn last year for my Textiles lesson, but I never quite got the hang of it. Then at Christmas I received a knitting magazine, knitting needles and wool (Why, I don’t know). And ever since it has sat underneath my desk collecting dust. So I decided to learn again. It was definitely easier than last time because I taught myself, which is how I learn. I used YouTube videos as a guide and soon after I was picking up speed with them knitting needles. I haven’t got very far but its a distraction to pick up when I’m watching Friends.

art 3So this isn’t craft based at all. I was purely bored and painted on some daisies. It matched my nails though so that’s clever of me. They make great photos, I used watercolours, which gave it a great effect and again I was very bored.

Hope you enjoyed this short blog post, I have plenty of posts coming up. A few scheduled, as I will be going away from the 19th August and I don’t know what the Wi-Fi is like in Rhodes. But there will be plenty of posts from my trip afterwards…I am so excited! Anyways, like, comment, catch me on social media, twitter: @sophi15samantha




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