On Wednesday, I am going to Rhodes for a week. I can’t wait to take plenty of photos that will have a much better quality than my past holidays. This then gave me the idea to share with you the places I’ve been with some of the photos I took at the time, even if they’re low quality…


Past Holidays 2 Cyprus #1

Past Holidays 5 Cyprus #2

Past Holiday 6 Cyprus #3

I have travelled to different parts of Cyprus quite a few times, but Paphos (where these photos were taken) was probably the best and as you can see the sunsets were amazing as well.


Past Holidays 1 Mexico #1

Past Holidays 3 Mexico #2

Past Holidays 4 Mexico #3

Ahhh Mexico, I need to go back, desperately.


Past Holiday 13 Bulgaria


Past Holiday 12 Turkey

(Yes that small person is me, I think I was about 7 here)

Dominican Republic

Past Holidays 7 Dom Rep #1

Past Holidays 8 Dom Rep #2

Past Holiday 9 Dom Rep #3

Again, another place I need to go back to, but maybe this time minus the hurricane…

Disney Land & World (Paris & Florida)

Past Holiday 11 Disney #2

(Again little blonde person, me.)

Past Holiday 10 Disney #1

FLORIDA!! I need to be back here so much, fingers crossed I will be next year.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post, I realise its basically an overload of photos, but I could have shared a lot more, be thankful. Anyways, I have visited other places such as Spain, Prague, Dublin, but these were the best photos I could find. One day, I hope to travel the world with one special person. Like, Comment your favourite place you have travelled to and catch me on twitter: @Sophi15Samantha

Love, Sophie



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