This is now my second out of three posts that are scheduled as I’m in Rhodes. I thought I would share with you what’s in my make up bag when I am on holiday as I try to stay away from foundation and anything that covers my skin.

make up holiday

This is my make up bag for when I travel, I usually put my skincare in here too, as you can see, its pretty big. This is the Champneys Cosmetic Case from Boots, It is very durable, although I have had it for so long now it is beginning to look a bit dirty.

makeup holiday 2This is the Glow Job Tinted Moisturiser by Soap & Glory. I have mentioned this in a previous post here, where I talk about it in a bit more detail. However, this is perfect for my skin as its so light and when I (hopefully) tan It will highlight this.

makeup holiday 4THIS. IS. NECESSARY. I love my eyelash curler, my lashes are naturally super straight and have no lift to them in the slightest. So this really does come to the rescue. Comment down below if you use something different to curl your lashes?

makeup holiday 5Again I mention this here in a lot more detail. This is the L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper and I think this is a really great product for someone like me, who doesn’t trust themselves to fill in their eyebrows in case they turn into slugs out unprofessional. This was a must in my make up bag.

makeup holiday 6The Revlon Eyeliner has been an re-occurring product in my make up bag for years. It’s perfect to just slip into my make up bag.

makeup holiday 7The False Lash Superstar by L’Oreal is my current favourite mascara. I love how it has the primer to build volume and then the topcoat that lengthens lashes.

makeup holiday3Lastly, my trusty No7 Eye shadow palette. This is one of my favourite products in my make up drawer at the minute. It was definitely coming on holiday with me. It contains the perfect shades I use daily. You can check out how I use this eye shadow palette here.

Hope you enjoy this blog post, like comment if you’re going anywhere or have been away this Summer and what make up you took with you, don’t forget to catch me on twitter: @Sophi15Samantha




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