How is it October already? Suppose its a good job we’re closer to Christmas as I’m sat here now, watching a Christmas movie. Anyways, I did want to do some sort of Autumnal post, but I have no cute pictures yet and I can’t take any because it just doesn’t look like Autumn yet! Instead, here’s my 8 September Favourites.

1. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water.

september faves

I have used this everyday, twice a day during September and its been a really good product to take my make up off on a night and just make my face feel refreshed on a morning. I do want to experiment with different cleansers, to see which works best for my skin type but I would still repurchase this.

2. Miss Selfridge Beau & Etoile

september faves 2

I love these fragrances! As you can see I have nearly used them up. But they’re such a cute size they just live in my bag for school. I’ve really used them the most of September (and my friends have) because it’s so easy to top up during the day. I also really love the smell of both, definitely had to be in a favourites.

 3. My bed.

This sounds really weird to have a bed in a favourites post. But I just think what with school starting up again, I haven’t had the chance to be in bed as much as I’d like to (my laziness at its best). Seriously though, I live for the weekend just to have a lie in, not for my plans (that I rarely have) but to just sleep. This favourite was inspired by a best friend as we both talked about not having enough appreciation for our beds!! So yeah, I’m sure I’ll get back into the routine of school, however, at the minute, I’ll just go get myself tucked up into bed…

4. Socks

september faves 5

However, in September when I haven’t been able to get into bed I’ve had my socks on. This is really weird for me, because if you know me personally (unlikely considering like 3 people I know, know about this blog) you’ll understand I don’t like wearing socks. When I go out I kind of have to, but when I’m at home I literally never wear them. September though, my feet have been freezing so if I have to wear socks, why not amazing ones?!? (Be thankful you didn’t see my star ones). I have to admit these are quite cosy…

5. Roller Lash

september faces 3

After a good month of using this product, I can safely say, I LOVE it!! I do describe why here. But I have straight, short lashes which is sooo annoying, however, this mascara does help a lot.

6. TV Show- Made in Chelsea.

Recently, Sky, uploaded Season 9 of Made in Chelsea and it’s just reminded me how much I love it! Can’t wait to finish this season as before I was addicted. Definitely a favourite!

7. Body Butter.

september faves 4

This makes the skin sooo soft! I have loved applying it on a night during September. I still love my Righteous Butter by Soap & Glory but I prefer using that on a morning as its a stronger scent. This is much more subtle and relaxing.

8. Reading

september faves 6

September, I have tried really hard to read more. Currently, I’m reading ‘P.S I love you’ by Cecelia Ahern and so far its made me laugh and cry so much, and I’m only a third of the way through. I do think I will write a review on it, but I also have plenty of other posts in mind.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post, I’m going to go cry at the ending of this Christmas film again (The Christmas Visitor). But like, comment one of your favourites in September and don’t forget to catch me on twitter: @Sophi15samantha

Love, Sophie



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