I am really loving these cold, dark evenings, which probably won’t last long, but oh well. Here’s my Autumn Evening Routine…


To start with, I take my make up off. Using the Garnier Micellar Water first, to mainly take off my eye make up then the Nivea Facial Wash Gel to give a deeper cleanse to my skin.


Then I run myself a hot bubble bath. Its just so relaxing and it helps me forget whatever type of day I might have had! Around this time of the evening is when I’ll most likely be watching YouTube. I really love Zoella, Tanya Burr, Emily Canham, etc.


Next, I put this Body Butter on, it makes my skin feel silky smooth. I did talk about this fleetingly, in last weeks post if you want to check it out, you can read it here.


After that, I get my pyjamas on. I literally have the comfiest pyjamas EVER! These ones are from New look, even though these were bought recently, I couldn’t find them on the site so I can’t link them.


If its really, really cold, which believe it or not, it has been recently, I get my fluffy socks on! If its super freezing I get my white soft fluffy dressing gown on. At the minute, writing this, I have my dressing gown on. I wouldn’t say its super freezing, but it is cold and I just really wanted to wear it…


For most of the night, I will obviously have dinner, but then I just watch friends, go on my phone and just catch up with my family. If I remember though, I’ll light a candle this is the Yankee candle in the scent “Pink Honeysuckle”. It’s not a very autumnal scent but I really like it and I haven’t yet bought any autumnal ones yet but this will do!

If my Dad’s not at work, then I will get him to make me a hot chocolate, asking nicely of course…This is not an act of laziness he just makes a really good hot chocolate. But anyways, I have really enjoyed having a hot chocolate on a night, even if it hasn’t been a cold evening.


Finally, I get myself into bed and if its the weekend I’ll usually put my T.V on and watch a movie. If its a week night, I’ll just go on my phone, which is apparently really bad and doesn’t help your sleeping pattern but its just become routine now (obviously it has, otherwise it wouldn’t be in this post.)

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. Comment down below one of the things you do during the evening. Don’t forget to like and catch me on twitter: @sophi15samantha

Love, Sophie



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