Whether you like short posts or not, this is one of them. I have planned the next three blog posts so they’ll be better put together. Anyways, recently, I have been reading loads of Autumn and ‘Sweater Weather’ Tags, so I thought I’d take a small handful of those questions and answer them here.

Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate?

Usually, I’d say Tea all the way but recently I have been loving my Hot Chocolate. Literally the best thing before bed and so lovely to have a warm drink on cold evenings.


Favourite thing about Autumn?

Watching the leaves change colour each day. I also love getting wrapped up warm again and lighting all of my candles. OOH and Halloween, I do love Halloween…

Combat boots or Uggs?

Combat boots all the way! So comfortable. Recently bought myself another pair from Topshop.


Favourite Autumn Clothing Item?

Definitely has to be my Topshop Coat, its so warm and cosy. Mentioned this in a previous post that you can read here.


Favourite Autumnal Lip Product?

In love with this berry-toned Seventeen Lip Product. I have been really wary of using this as the packaging looks as if its almost purple. But having tried this recently, I have realised its the perfect shade for my lips and will be perfect for this season.


So I didn’t want to end this too soon, so I decided I would add ‘My 10 Favourite Autumnal Things’

1. Candles (How could It not?)

2. The colour of the leaves

3. Hot drinks

4. Halloween

5. Red lipstick

6. Cosy socks

7. Pumpkins

8. Crisp air

9. Scarves

10. Boots

Hope you enjoyed this short blog post, keep an eye out for my posts coming out, I’m very excited. Like, comment, catch me on twitter; @Sophi15samantha

Love, Sophie



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