It is very difficult to stay positive constantly. Some people are naturally positive whereas others seem to be down for long periods of time. I would say I’m neither, I try to stay positive but sometimes that doesn’t always work. So here are a few things I could come up with, that I do to become positive or stay positive, if I can feel myself slipping.

1. Talking to the people around you.

This seems pretty simple, because it is. For example, my mum is the most important person In my life. If I need advice, she’s there. If I need someone to cry to, she’s there. My point being is if you have someone you trust, then open up to them. If you feel like you have no body, then look around because someone will be there, you might just need to unload onto someone you wouldn’t usually. And if you feel like you can’t speak to anyone in your life, there’s the blogging community, there’s even me! I’ll listen to anyone’s problems even strangers.

Anyways, I think even if you don’t tell someone what’s bothering you, that’s okay too. Just having a general conversation with someone can help much more then you think, its taking your mind off of the situation. The other day, my mum just told me how proud she was of me and it made me feel so great about myself. It really is just the little things that can make you smile.image4

2. Do something you love.

So this is quite self explanatory and probably shows up on any blog post about staying happy. But its true, I find that whenever I find myself getting down its because I haven’t taken time out for myself to do what I want. Whether that’s writing a blog post or just putting a face mask on. Sometimes without realising life can get busy and you forget to do the things you enjoy; because that’s not going to help you pass your exam, or finish the work before a deadline. But being happy is important too, and sometimes we forget to prioritise it.

I do want to add, that if you’ve read that last paragraph and thought ‘but I literally do not have the time’. You should try Yoga, it has really helped me what with exams, and being in my final year at school. I can do it just before bed, or whenever I’m feeling a little bit stressed. And it only takes 30 minutes out of my day. My personal favourite videos are: Yoga with Adriene

image1 (3)

3. Focus on your achievements.

When you’re trying to stay positive sometimes it helps to look back on how much you have accomplished, small things or the big, from recent events or from years ago. Whatever makes you, you, then be proud of that and realise how far you have come. One thing I have started to do, is each day write something down that’s made me smile, laugh, or even feel proud from that day. And I write it on my calendar that’s hung up on my wall, so every time I pass I read one without thinking and then it makes me smile again. There doesn’t seem to be logic to what I do but it does actually make me feel happier.

image2 (1)

4. Sleeping.

Does no one else feel like they could conquer the world when they get the best night sleep?!? No? Just me, oh. But seriously, if things are bothering me and I’m not feeling 100% I’ll go to sleep earlier than what I would because when I wake up I have the energy to get through another day. Another thing, probably sounds bizarre. But if something happens to me that makes me angry or upset and then I sleep on it. I wake up feeling a lot better, like everything will be okay and it never feels as bad it did the night before. In general, sleep is one of the best things to stay positive. Even better, when you have that one pesky little spot and its nearly gone and then you get a good sleep and the next day its gone, I wake up like hallelujah, haha.

image3 (1)

5. Stay away from Social media.

Ahh the one true love, social media. It’s great for finding out the latest relationships/arguments on Facebook, posting pictures that we’ve spent ages to edit for Instagram and finding out the latest world news on twitter. But that’s it. I think, personally, Instagram is the worst for people making their life look perfect. When no ones is. Most of the time, I’m really good at scrolling down my newsfeed, and being 100% happy for the person that just posted a picture of them on holiday, or the person that seems to purchase all the designer make up, before I even know it exists. However, when I’m feeling down they’re the last pictures I need to see. So It’s best to turn off social media and stay in the real world, unless of course your about to post that on fleek selfie, then please go ahead…

If you have made it to the end of this blog post, then WOOO to you cause it was long, I do realise that. However, I really enjoyed typing an advice themed blog post. I really wanted to focus on different aspects of trying to stay positive and not just the obvious; listen to music, go outside. Also, all pictures included I did take myself. Anyways, if you enjoyed, leave a comment, like, catch me on twitter: @Sophi15Samantha

P.S Today was the first day of snow, how crazy is that?!?

Love, Sophie


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  1. I found the part about Instagram really interesting. I remember seeing an article quite recently about the fact Insta has been linked to a lot of depressed teenagers.

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  2. Yeah I mean you’ve travelled far back into my blog (thank you of course) and it’s crazy that this still applies today. If anything I’d say social media is having an even more damaging effect to us all now than it did 2 years ago


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