So for a lot of you, you could be lucky enough and could be completely over with Exams. But for everyone else, who still have exams coming up or in the future, then this blog post might help you.

These are pretty much most of the ways I revise, what helps me, how I organise it. And I feel like I do many revision techniques and there’s not just one that works for me, I like to do different things for different subjects. Anyways, here’s my probably long blog post…

how to revise 2Firstly, I make sure I have the right equipment. I have loved having folders. I know it can be an absolute pain to carry, trust me I understand. My history folder is so full It wont close properly, and it’s a nightmare carrying it up 3 flights of stairs to my form room on a morning. But anyways, enough of my complaining. Folders make most things so much easier! It really helps me when I come to revise that all the information is in clear plastic wallets, categorised and then dated in order. Feel like Monica from Friends after telling you that.

how to revise 3So the last organisational type thing is a diary. This is my school diary that I get given to write my homework in and it is just really useful to have to carry round. I also have a calendar in my room that I sometimes use to write school events, but I’ve avoided that now as it just really stresses me out. Anyway, this is really great because then you can see what homework needs doing for what day and you can just really keep on top of things.

how to revise 4Okay, now I’ve moved on to the things that actually help me revise. Revision Guides. These are actually some of the best things you can own to revise. Some teachers of mine gave me textbooks to revise from, but these in the picture above are in note form, which just makes life easier. It has everything you need, its all simple notes, questions at the end to each topic and sometimes some quite cheesy jokes, that to be honest I could live without. But these revision guides have helped me out a lot, they fit in my bag, so are great to use in lessons. You can also get the work books, which I have a couple of, which is also great for when you’re wanting to test yourself on what you’ve learnt.



how to reviseSometimes, I feel creative with my Revision. It’s usually with the harder subjects that I start to feel this way. So I usually do mind maps for my Chemistry, Biology and Physics topics, because I can add colour and drawings and then nanotechnology, resistors and enzymes don’t seem too bad anymore. Whereas with History I work better with flashcards because I need to regularly test myself.

It really just depends on what type of learner you are. So if you’re solely just a visual person then listening to things won’t work. However, for me, I figure out what works best for each subject. Which then also makes it interesting because I’m not using the same revision technique every time.

how to revise 5Ugh. I absolutely hate exams. But this is what helps me most. Practice exam questions. I think because when I’m actually doing past papers, I’m not In an exam hall getting watched by old invigilators, it takes away the nerves and I can actually think about the answers. And because I’m in a relaxed environment it takes away the scariness of doing it. These really help, a lot. They give you a feel for how the questions are worded. And doing full past exams, you may find similar questions come up in your real exam, which is always helpful.


Or obviously go to your exam board…

I wanted to also leave some links to sites I use to revise from that I haven’t already mentioned:

My Maths

I am learning


Languages online

A tantot

Hope you enjoyed my first extra blog post of December. If you have any extra questions about how I revise, comment down below. Also, anything that you do to revise or did, that I haven’t mentioned let me know. Like, catch me on twitter: @sophi15samantha

Love, Sophie



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  1. This is SO helpful. It’s great that you posted this as this could help a lot of students out there! I actually did an organisational series on my blog where I spoke about ways to keep organised and how that related to be more productive. If you want to see that then click here: – it is the three at the stat. You can look at the other posts also since they are motivational so if you want feel motivated, those could help 🙂 xo

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