I really wanted to do this type of blog post. However, I thought I would have a lot more time to be a lot more creative and well, I didn’t. So this should really be a ‘Failed Christmas DIY’. Anyways, try and enjoy, if not laugh at my attempts…

1. Christmas Cards

image2 (2)These are a classic at Christmas. Cards are one of those things that because they’re simple to make, you can elaborate with your designs. I’m not saying my cards are a good example of taking things to the next level or anything because I didn’t even add any colour. However, it doesn’t require much equipment and it can be a really great way to write something sentimental inside to the person its for.

image3 (2)This is by no means sentimental. But I had to write a card for all you fellow bloggers! Especially the ones that have been a constant support throughout 2015. And now I’m just repeating what the card says so I’ll shut up now and move on…

2. Picture Frame thing?

image1 (4)PLEASE DON’T COPY THIS EXACT ONE!! Well you can if you want to. However, I did have a different vision for this one. I was going to include family pictures, ribbon etc. But they’re quite personal, so I realised I didn’t want them in a frame. Although, I think the idea of it is good and if you make it for a friend, you can have the quotes, pictures, ribbon, magazine cut outs. Basically, everything I didn’t include.

3. Stockings

image4 (1)Technically, I didn’t make these, this year. I made these last year but today I didn’t have time to make more, or different ones. But these are still going strong so I thought I’d show you them. I went out to buy the right colours but I’m sure it’d look cool with materials you find round the house. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can just hand stitch it, which is what I did here. And I just glued on the white felt, attaching some decorative bits. Well done Sophie for your extensive vocabulary ‘bits’.

Hope you enjoyed this shorter blog post. If you were looking for some Christmas DIY’s then I hope you at least got some inspiration from this. Comment down below your favourite out the three, or how you would improve them. Catch me on twitter; @Sophi15Samantha




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