How long do people say that for? I don’t know. Anyways, I was trying to think about some of my favourites with a friend and he gave me the idea to do a memories post. That one will go up tomorrow and be the ‘Part 2’. I wasn’t going to do any posts to do with 2015, however, reading so many other people’s, inspired me to. So here is what I loved during last year…

1. Soap & Glory.

image3 (1)I have been loving Soap & Glory . Everything from the ‘Scrub of Your Life’ down to the ‘Kick Ass Concealer’. The scents are amazing and I haven’t found a product I dislike. I was so grateful to receive so many Soap & Glory products for Christmas, I’m stocked up for months!

2. Hot chocolate.

Okay, this is a random one. 2015 was the year I found hot chocolate. I don’t know how I’ve lasted without that warm, cosy drink for that long. But don’t worry, I’m making up for lost time. I even bought a special mug just to drink it from. Now that Christmas is over, time will tell if I’m addicted or not, because let’s face it you can’t really have it in Spring can you?

3. Roller Lash.

image2 (1)I did only purchase the Roller Lash halfway through the year. But it soon raced to the top of my list for being the BEST MASCARA I have ever owned. If you haven’t noticed, I love it, it separates my lashes, holds the curl, it’s just perfect. I do want to try the They’re Real and see how that lives up to it. However, this had to be in my favourites.

4. Yoga.

Coming to the end of school and just other things in my life that made me feel anxious, I needed something that I could do that calmed me down. *Enters Yoga* I remember watching my first Yoga video on YouTube it was a bedroom routine, that you can find here. It completely opened my eyes to all the other videos out there, for anxiety, not being able to sleep and just even being able to relax. Without Yoga, I would have definitely lost many hours of sleep. Yoga With Adriene is the one I have enjoyed the most, I would definitely look at the type of videos she posts if you’re feeling like you’re in the same position I was.

5. No7 Mini Eye Palette.

image4 (1)This is another one, that throughout 2015 I have talked about sooo much. Basically, because I have never found an eye shadow palette that has every shade I wear. This No7 Mini Eye Palette has been perfect during the last year and has made me very tempted to purchase the No7 Ultimate Eye Palette..

6. No7 Day & Night Cream.

image6 (1)I started really loving No7 products just over a year ago and I can say this brand is one of the best I own. So the favourites of mine, that I have used throughout 2015 have to be the Essential Moisture Day & Night Cream.

7.  Blogging.

I had to include Blogging as one of my Favourites of 2015. Because it has been a chunk of my year and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I have loved every minute of blogging, even the last minute panic as to what to post, I mean, I’m always organised.

8.Dior Addict Lipstick.

image5 (1)I only bought this about a month ago, so I probably haven’t owned it long enough for it to be a 2015 Favourite. But it did make my year when I purchased this. This was my first high end product, so I was very excited. It’s just the perfect shade and the product itself is just beautiful. This Dior Addict lipstick is certainly not still sitting on my dressing table for everyone to see, along with my 3 other Dior & Chanel products I got for Christmas…

9. Photography.

image1 (1)Oo check out my artistic shot there, can you not tell how happy I was that I took this. Anyways, beside the point, 2015 was the year I began to LOVE taking pictures. Most of them I shared on here, but if I didn’t then trust me, we’d be here all day if I decided to post them. I can’t wait to carry on taking plenty more pictures throughout this New Year…

Hope you enjoyed this blog post, I had a lot of fun typing it. It just reminds me of everything I have been loving, especially new things. Anyways, comment down below one of your favourites or even comment the link so I can check out your post. Be sure to check out tomorrows post, Part 2, up at 6:00pm Uk time.

Twitter: @Sophi15Samantha

Love, Sophie



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