Unfortunately, this week I returned to school. And before I went back my mind was racing with blog posts to do. Now after spending 5 1/2 hours on homework, with still more to do, my mind sort of went blank. So, sorry there wasn’t a blog post yesterday. I have decided to change my upload day to a Sunday to give me extra time to write up a post.

Anyways, eventually, I did settle on a post to do, and I thought I’d share the contents of my School Make-up Bag.

school make up bag

So let’s start with what I carry it all in, Zoella Just Say Yes Beauty Bag. This was a recent purchase from a local Superdrug and I was so happy to find it because that store takes a while to stock new products. AnywayS, I have waited so long to get my hands on at least one of Zoella’s Beauty products, so I’m pleased I finally have.

school makeup bag 2First thing I have to carry round with me EVERYWHERE, is this Tangle Teezer. My hair is very long, it easily gets tangled up and this is the perfect product to help that and it just gives my hair a boost during the day.

school makeup bag 6The Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer is back in my life and I couldn’t be happier. This is perfect to take out and use to just top up during the day because it is so compact. At the same time, it has everything I need; under eye brightening concealer, complexion concealer and even a transparent powder.

school makeup bag 8These are the Real Techniques Core Collection. They’re really handy to have in your makeup bag because they’re the main brushes you need to top up your makeup at school or work.

school makeup bag 5The Soap & Glory Wonderbronze Shimmer Brick is perfect for me. I don’t tend to where a lot of makeup for school and this is really buildable. So I can get away with ‘discreet makeup’ at school.

school makeup bag 7Next I always have around is the Vaseline Rosy Lips. I either have this in my coat pocket or in my school makeup bag so its easily accessible because my lips can become very dry throughout the day. So this is perfect to apply.

school makeup bag 4This is another essential I like to keep handy as my hands can become dry and really cold throughout the day. Applying the Soap & Glory Hand Food definitely does the trick.

school makeup bag 3Finally, this Ted Baker Body Spray sits in my makeup bag for school because I love the scent and it’s just quick and easy to spray on throughout the day.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post, catch my next one on Sunday. Like, comment an essential from your makeup bag. And don’t forget to follow me on twitter.

Love, Sophie


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      1. You defo need too! I have both perfumes, 1 makeup bag, the frosted travel case, hand cream, soap and body scrub! Would 100% recommend these products, they are so good! ❤️ and like you said the designs are lovely and the packaging is beautiful!

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