Usually, my posts have a lot more structure to them than this one will have. However, I have had a very makeup based weekend that I knew I had to share with you all…

So as a Christmas present one of my best friends organised for us to get our make up done at Clinique and for it to be a try-out for Prom. Also, we had £15 to spend on whatever Clinique product we liked.

image8So here was the finished look from Clinique. On the right is what It look like a couple hours later and on the left is what I looked like after 10 hours! Which I thought was impressive as I only topped up my eyeliner and lipstick.

I also went out for a meal, wearing all of the Clinique makeup still!


However, my makeup based weekend didn’t end there. As happy as I was with the end look, I was very disappointed with the treatment from the lady who put it on me! I was thoroughly insulted throughout the duration she was applying my makeup. It was from personal questions about medication I should be on for my breakout, to where I should be waxing. I came home heartbroken that my insecurities had all been picked out.

My Mum came to the rescue (and one of my best friends’ mum) and they complained to the manager that I shouldn’t have been spoken to the way I had. So they offered to redo the makeup at a different counter, Clarins, the very next day!


Obviously, with me not going anywhere today I just wanted a really subtle look. The best part about Clarins is their skincare. The lady started off with a cleanser, then exfoliated (by far the best exfoliator I’ve ever used) and then finished off with a moisturiser. Hopefully, I get to purchase all of the skincare products she used on my skin because they felt amazing and had the best scent, which I can still smell now. I did like the makeup but would have preferred my eyes to be a bit more defined.


Also, another one of my best friends was happy to let me show you what her makeup looked like from Clarins. I think she looked stunning yet still natural. And I was just a teeny bit jealous I didn’t pick a nude lipstick, ah well.

And you’ll be glad to know the lady who applied my Clarins makeup was lovely and couldn’t have asked for a nicer person to make up for yesterday.

image7With the money off I had on Clinique, I bought this lipstick its the Clinique Pop lip colour + primer in the shade 04 Beige Pop.

image6Here are the samples I received. I haven’t tried any of Cliniques’ skincare so I’m happy to try that. And I already love Clarins’ skin products so I’m very excited to try their cleansing gel.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. I’m even closer to 100 followers now, maybe about 5 away. Eeee I’m so excited but just haven’t had time to think about it because of Mock Exams starting. Which unfortunately reminds me after this I’m off to do Biology revision, yay…

Love, Sophie


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