This blog post is different to what I usually post. However, I’m excited to actually write about my love for photography, by showing you one of my favourite photographs in one of my favourite places.

image1This was my very first adventure to this picturesque beach. Although it took days to remove the sand from my hair, it cleared my head almost instantly, which made Saltburn Beach immediately one of my favourite places.

I remember walking aimlessly around the area with friends. We never knew quite where we were going, only that we loved the views we encountered. Stepping onto each, individual rock, I looked up. Seeing this amazing sight I knew I had to capture it.

This photograph is very memorable because from the moment this photograph was taken, I knew Photography was a hobby of mine. Whether I was good at it or not, I felt immense happiness whenever I could capture the beauty of places, that were very much hidden most of the time.

Now, I am far from being a professional photographer. So to capture this photograph, all I used was my IPhone 6 and an app called Photo Editor. Where all I did was increase the brightness and saturation. I’d love to check out this new camera technology from a company called Light, who has a pocket sized small camera that maintains the quality of a large and bulky DSLR. It also has an interactive touchscreen feature right on the camera that allows you to edit photos seconds after you take it!

Here is My Favourite Photograph.

Hope you enjoyed this very different blog post. I’m currently 3 away from 100 followers, with less than 3 days till my birthday. Both so crazy! Also Mock Exams are finishing, its coming up to my 1 year Blogiversary along with picking up my PUPPY. Can you tell how excited I am of everything to come?! Anyways, catch me on twitter, or contact me via:

Love, Sophie


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