For a while now, I’ve had different makeup hacks/tips just typed in my notes from various times I’ve been doing my makeup and thought of things I do. So I wanted to share these with you.

And can I just say, I’m typing this up at 7 am! 7. What is annoying about this is yesterday my puppy, Alfie, woke me up at 6:00. Today however, he’s decided to sleep in for once in his life. And I cannot seem to sleep in with him. Oh how annoying my life is…

Rant over…


So I’ll start off with one you probably all know. And that is; when applying concealer, apply it in a upside down triangle and this will improve the look of dark circles. Something else I’ve recently been doing is setting it straight away, to avoid creases under my eye. One product that’s worked well to do this is Benefit Dr. Feel Good. I also love the Soap & Glory Kick Ass concealer for under my eyes.

Next, this is something I always do. And I’ve done if for so long now I can’t even remember who I learnt it from. Anyways, I always apply a lip balm before my chosen lip product. This really helps to smoothen out the lips and help you achieve a much better quality finish. I either use the Vaseline or Ted Baker Lip balm, both are great.

 I can never be bothered to do this next one. However, when I can, my eyelashes do look trés good. Anyways, all you do is blow dry your curlers for 3/5 seconds. Always check the temperature of your lashes on your wrist or something before you try and curl them. Also, what’s worked for me is that I like to curl my lashes in two places. One, where I’m pretty sure everyone else does near the root. And then the other near the tip. I’ve found this really helps to keep the curl and the curlers I use are the Revlon ones and Ted Baker.

 Leading on from lashes, I learnt another hack to do with hair grips. Basically, when your mascara clumps up your lashes, a tip is to find something thin like a hair grip and comb through your lashes. So just use a hair grip to separate that clump of mascara you need to get rid of. This one I don’t tend to use as much mainly because I’ve found a mascara that doesn’t clump my lashes as much and I’m just too lazy to care what my lashes look like on a morning.


 I’m not very good at eyeliner. And I probably never will be. I also don’t really like the harsh colour of eyeliner on my lid when I don’t really have long, curled lashes that compensate.  So to combat this but still manage to do a somewhat cat eye look. I go over the eye liner with a brush thing (excellent description there.) I have no idea what to call it. But in the picture on the left is what I use it’s also an eyeliner but I prefer to use the Soap & Glory Super Cat Eyeliner. You could also use a small brush. But I think this really helps and it will also blend out any lines that are maybe not how you wanted them to be.

 And finally, you’re probably like why have you got sticky notes as a picture there Sophie??
Well, I have seen many Youtubers do this hack. But using tape. And I just couldn’t bring myself to use that. So I went for sticky notes. Basically all you do is before you start eye makeup, place a sticky note (or tape) just below where you’d do a eyeliner flick. Then do your makeup and remove the sticky note. Voila! You have the best looking eye makeup. I just love how straight and polished off it makes everything.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. It’s something different to what I usually post, but I’m really enjoying that at the minute. Comment if you already use some of these makeup hacks or if you’ve got some of your own. 

Love, Sophie



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