I wasn’t going to do a favourites every month but I realised I have so many (albeit random) favourites at the minute I just had to share them!

All the Bright Places– Jennifer Niven

march 2016 2I quickly picked this up without thinking as I remember reading posts about how good it was and I think Zoella might have mentioned it in a favourites video a while back. Anyways it was on offer so I had to get it, but I haven’t been able to put it down. I just love the storyline, the characters, everything. If you have read this book then comment down below if you enjoyed it as much as I have.


march 2016I don’t know what it is but this month I have bought so many DVD’s and watched loads more. So these are basically some of my all time favourite movies. I’ve watched them all before so I was over the moon to find them. Most of them were £3 from Tesco so that was even better. I cried my eyes out at Marley & Me and absolutely loved the Intern, much more than I thought. Now I have the perfect DVD collection.


I bought some Full Velour Slippers in cream from Matalan. And yes, they’re probably not designed for younger people like me but they’re actually the comfiest things ever. I’ve had them for about a week and they’re already dirty. It’s like forever walking on a cloud and it’s so easy to just slip them on and take Alfie out into the garden.

Clinique Pop Lip Colour Primer

march 2016 6

I love this colour, I’m pretty sure that this was the first lip product that reminded me its okay to wear lighter shades than just the reds. It’s really creamy and I’ve enjoyed it much more now it’s Spring. If you want to see it on, I recently posted a Spring Makeup Look.

Mike Posner- I took a pill in Ibiza

I love both the original and the remix of this song. Both have been a definite favourite of mine throughout March.

Ted Baker Mascara- Brilliance of Beauty

march 2016 5

When I first started using this mascara I didn’t think I’d really enjoy it as it doesn’t give the same amount of volume as I usually like. However, I’ve been trying out lighter, more pink shade make up looks. So this mascara has been perfect. I really like that it separates my lashes and holds any curl.


This is definitely one of the weirder favourites I’ve had this month. Pasta. I’ve just been loving it. From tagliatelle, to pasta bake, I’m having it all and it’s not phasing me in the slightest.

Tricks of the Shade– Soap & Glory

march 2016 4I have started to love this palette. It’s got the best shades for Spring. And for now I’m loving it until I manage to purchase the Naked 3.


I bought the best pyjamas from Peacocks. I don’t usually shop there but I just wanted some oversized, comfy, relatively cheap pyjamas. I’m absolutely so in love with them that I don’t feel right in any other pyjamas. I’m currently typing this in them right now, literally have no shame…

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

march 2016 3I love this I’m so glad I have the full size as I use it every morning. I’ve loved using this, this month, it just means I can be lazy on a morning without putting any real effort into my morning skincare.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post, I love favourites. If you’ve posted a favourites link yours in a comment.

Love, Sophie



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