Can I just say, THANK YOU SO MUCH for 200 followers. That might not be a lot to some people but to me it means the world. To think it took me a year of blogging to reach 100 followers, to then gain another hundred in a couple of months, is insane. Anyways, that’s why there’s an extra post this weekend.

So I got tagged to do the Liebster Award, which I am very grateful for, by the lovely blogger Rose- Tinted Rambles. If you’re not following her, then why not? Like seriously do so. Here’s Rose-Tinted Rambles original post.

Basically, I tell you 11 facts about me. Then answer questions Rose-Tinted Rambles set for me. Afterwards I tag 11 other bloggers and ask my own 11 questions for those bloggers.

My 11 Facts About Me

  1. I’ve had a puppy now for nearly 2 months and he’s already one of my best friends.
  2. I probably spend most of my time blogging, or thinking about what I could blog about, when in reality I should be revising….guess what I’m supposed to be doing right now.
  3. I pretty much just drink water apart from the occasional tea or hot chocolate. And even then I don’t drink enough water.
  4. I was born in Manchester, U.K. But now live on the opposite side of the country.
  5. I’m in Year 11 and I’m literally counting down the days to my long Summer off before sixth form/college.
  6. I’m super clumsy, so much so that I’ve dropped my phone so much I can’t go far in my house without losing Wi-Fi because I’ve damaged some sort of signal on the corners.
  7. I’ve been super fortunate to travel to some picturesque countries and I can only hope to carry on travelling.
  8. It really gets me down when I try hard at things and I don’t do as well as I’d wanted.
  9. When I was younger, I used to do ballet, karate, swimming and this must have scarred me in some way as I haven’t participated in physical activity for a good 5 years now, (I just attend P.E). This is excluding walking and yoga, I’m not that lazy…
  10. I know all the lines in Friends, that I could play the part myself.
  11. My only goal in life is to just be happy.

Questions from Rose-Tinted Rambles

Where is your happy place?

I don’t really have a specific place its just anywhere outside of school. Can you sense my hatred for that place yet?

Would you rather go out wearing no foundation or without your eyebrows filled in?

I don’t fill in my eyebrows so this is an easy one for me.

What is your favourite book?

Usually I’d say ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ by John Green. However, I’ve loved ‘All the Bright Places’, by Jennifer Niven, so can I have 2 Favourites?

What do you love most about blogging?

I love that you have your own little platform to write whatever interests you most. And then on top of that to be able to share your opinions with others and discuss it.

What’s your favourite childhood possession?

I wish I had saved more from my childhood but unfortunately I haven’t really. However, I have kept one thing its still on my bed to this day. Basically, I have this old stuffed dog called Max, he just stays tucked away in my room.

If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I really want to say chocolate. But I want to think logically about this, so I’d have to say potatoes. Then I can have roast potatoes, wedges, chips, fries, potato waffles, jacket potato.

Lions or Tigers?

I don’t know why but tigers.

Who is your favourite Disney Princess?


If you could only wear one makeup brand for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

If money was no object, I’d say Dior. But if it was then I’d say No7.

What is your favourite Season?

Summer. By far. You have better outfit choices, everyone seems to be happier and you get a tan.

Would you rather run a marathon or do heavy weight lifting for 4 hours?

Neither sounds very appealing to me. But if I had to do one I think I’d choose run a marathon. Let’s be honest, I have never seen anyone full scale running that thing, they’re always ‘pacing themselves’ or whatever. So I think I could pretty much get away with ‘slow paced’ walking a marathon.

11 Bloggers I’m tagging




Liv Martin





Sophia Lo

Beauty Isle Blog


My Questions For You Are…

  1. If you weren’t allowed to do either your eye shadow again or use any lip product, which would you live without?
  2. What’s your favourite movie?
  3. Which country would you like to travel to?
  4. What’s your favourite social media app?
  5. What’s one makeup item you couldn’t live without?
  6. What’s one skincare product you never miss out of your routine?
  7. Why did you start blogging?
  8. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
  9. What’s your favourite high street store?
  10. Do you own any high end products? If so what are they? If you don’t, what would you want to purchase from the High End area?
  11. Who’s your favourite actor and actress?

Can’t wait to read your answers. All bloggers I’ve included in this post I love all of their blogs so please check them out and follow. See you tomorrow for my normal Sunday upload. Its a highly requested post; First Impressions/Review.

Love, Sophie



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