I was so grateful when I got nominated for this by the lovely Hattiesmithers (if you’re not already following her, then please do I love her blog!). Anyways, I got nominated about a week ago, so for me this is going up quite late, but when I went back to school this week everything other than school became a blur. I’m very excited to do this tag and I should be back to doing normal posts next week.

The Rules are:

Tag the blogger who nominated you.

Answer the questions set for you.

Come up with 10 questions of your own.

Nominate other bloggers and don’t forget to tell them!

  1. What is your favourite Makeup brand and why?

This probably changes every week but at the minute I’m loving L’Oreal. Not just makeup, hair care, everything. I think its my favourite because its really affordable and all their products are of a high quality.

blogger award 3

2. What was the inspiration for your blog?

I don’t think I had one particular inspiration for my blog. It was mainly just me wanting to start something people could read and I would enjoy doing. To be fair I didn’t realise I’d be so consistent, never mind keep this up for over a year.

3. What is your holy grail make up product?

This question is so difficult. I think I’m going to say any of my Dior or Chanel lip products, because I was just so happy for like a month after receiving them. Also, I have them on my dressing table just to see them everyday-don’t judge

blogger award 2

4. Beauty Blender or Makeup brush?

Is it bad I haven’t tried a beauty blender yet? I actually do want to but on my ‘Makeup Shopping List’ there’s always something above it. So I guess I’d have to say Makeup Brush, I absolutely love the Real Techniques ones.

blogger award 5

5. What is your favourite affordable makeup brand? 

I’d say L’Oreal is pretty affordable. But picking a different favourite I’d say Bourjois, I love their products so much. Pretty much had a quiet addiction (if that’s a thing?!) to their products since Christmas now.

blogger award 4

6. What is your favourite hobby/pastime?

Apart from School work, which I’m not classing as a hobby, all I do is blog, take photos and shop. Literally, I’m blogging now, I’ve just ordered some stuff from H&M and after this I’m going to take pictures for this post.

7. If you could only put on one makeup product for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Concealer. However, I’m beginning to actually feel comfortable going out with no makeup on. I’d still pick concealer because it just makes your complexion in general look great. I’d probably pick the No7 Match Made Concealer.

8. Who is your favourite youtuber/blogger?

I can’t pick a favourite I’m loving so many, especially youtubers. Zoella, Hannah Renée, Fabulous Hannah.

9. What is your best beauty advice?

Start minimal. You can always build it up with foundation coverage, eye shadow, etc. But its just going to look worse if you try and apply too much at once. Also, YouTube is amazing if you’re just starting off with makeup.

10. What is your favourite brand for lipsticks?

Mac. For sure, I just need more money to spend on them. But a cheaper alternative I love the Rimmel Lipsticks, they’re so good especially for the price of them.

blogger award

11. Who/what makes you happiest?

My Mum or Alfie. But an actual thing would probably be my camera or laptop so I can blog. Basically, my Puppy and Blogging makes me happiest.


10 Questions

  1. Where do you prefer to shop for makeup (i.e Boots or Superdrug)?
  2. Would you rather live without any lip product or concealer?
  3. Is there a price you wouldn’t pay for makeup?
  4. What’s your favourite affordable makeup brand?
  5. Is there something that’s been on your ‘Makeup Wish list’ for a while now? If so what is it?
  6. What is one thing you do that is essential in your winding down/pamper routine?
  7. How long have you been blogging for and what made you start?
  8. Do you read magazines? If you do which one is your favourite?
  9. What’s one thing from your wardrobe that you pretty much wear on a daily basis?
  10. Do you like the place you live? Or would you be happy to move to a different country?

I nominate:

Firstly, anyone who would like to because as I’ve already posted a tag last week, I don’t want to seem too annoying.


A Drop of Serendipity

Kelsey Blogs

Katy Hill

My Faves Raves

Hope you enjoyed this blog post, I love doing tags. Argh, back to school work.

Love, Sophie


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