Unfortunately, I don’t have my usual type of post this week, pretty much because exams are round the corner (8 DAYS! I’M FREAKING OUT!) and I’ve had no internet for a couple of days now, which has been great. So I decided to post something similar to what I did when I was first starting out with blogging; pictures. It sounds pretty boring but I couldn’t miss a week.

Recently, I have loved exploring places with Alfie (if you don’t know already, he’s my 5 month old Golden Retriever). So here are the pictures I captured whilst doing so…

blog 6blogblog 10blog 4blog 3blog 5blog 2blog 9blog 7I couldn’t not add a cute picture of Alfie could I?


Hope you enjoyed this blog post. I will try to get back to my normal posts but with exams I’ll struggle. Can’t wait till the Summer then I’ll be posting so much, I’m so excited.

Love, Sophie


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