This week, I have had off from School and I now go back in for exams (8 TO GO!) and the lessons that I have exams for. Mostly, I’ve just been revising but on Saturday I went to a small town, 45 minutes away from me, called Helmsley. It was super cute and I got a few really good photos. However, I was looking at tags from Helmsley on Instagram (because sometimes I’m just that sad) and I had no idea the place had a castle! So annoying because how good would the photos have been. Anyways, here are the pictures I did take…

helmsleyThe shops were all so small and old fashioned.

helmsley 5I was fully aware of people watching me as i was in the middle of a car park trying to take a picture of a Tudor house. However, its not even that good of a picture I deserve A* for determination to get a picture.

helmsley 3Just the whole town was quirky but so cool.

helmsley 4The blue skies really helps this place to be very picturesque. It was finally warm! Although, I was not happy coming back home to the mist and grey clouds.

image8I was trying out different saturation levels on this picture and I really liked it being black and white. I think this just portrays how dated the area is.

helmsley 2For some reason I’m loving the high contrast on this. I can’t explain it but I love this picture.

Also, I didn’t want to do one whole blog post on what I baked on Friday. But at the same time, I was proud of what I’d done, so I thought I’ll just add it on.

I was so happy with the way they turned out. Yes, some fell over because of the Strawberry and Cream in the middle, but it’s okay I just offered them ones to my Dad.


Hope you enjoyed this post, its currently 15 days until my last exam and I am VERY excited. I cannot wait to focus on my blog. Feel free to like, comment or follow!

Love, Sophie


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