AT LAST! Finally from me there will be 2 posts a week (Wednesday & Saturdays) for the next 10 weeks. So happy my exams are practically over (I’m forgetting my last one is tomorrow.) Anyways, I wanted to start off these next few weeks with a long post, now I have the time on my hands.

I wanted to share with you my body care routine and basically my holy grail products that I never seem to mention. WARNING: Soap & Glory is featured a lot.


image4 (1)When I wake up I’ll be the first to admit I have zero energy. So when I remember, I love moisturising with the Soap & Glory Righteous Butter. It soaks in so well and makes my skin feel so soft. I also really like that you can put it on after you’ve had a shower or bath, you don’t have to be completely dry, which is better because I have more chance of putting it on. The Deluxe version of this is also amazing, but I tend to reach for it when I’m going out somewhere nice. For example, I’ll moisturise using this for prom. It came with a ‘powder puff’ which was great but its now probably lost in the depths of my room. Plus I think its one of those things that’s really difficult to clean its not like a makeup brush. Anyways, I still think it gives a nice shimmery glow without going over with the powder puff.

Shower Time

image1 (1)For a while now these have been my Shower Must haves. Personally, I think the Soap & Glory The Scrub Of Your Life and The Clean On Me are the best scents from the brand. I love the consistency of the shower gel and the scrub is AMAZING. You can feel it working and it does what it says; it really does eliminate the bumps on your arms. I do think I’ve perfected my Shower Time products with these.


image2 (1)If you were bored with the influx of Soap & Glory products then here’s a little break. I don’t use both after a bath, it depends. For example, if I’ve been in the sun then I like to use the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula as I like to think it keeps whatever colour I’ve got from the day, last longer. Also, it is an oil, so it’s unexpected for me to like it, however, it soaks in well and doesn’t leave you greasy. Whereas, the Superdrug Body Butter Cherry & Macadamia I use when I feel my skin is feeling a bit dry. The scent of this just screams Summer, you know if body butter could scream.


image3 (1)So these are the products I don’t necessarily use everyday but thought I still had to include because they do play a big role in my body care routine. Firstly, the Soap & Glory instant Sun Kissed Tint Body Lotion has the best scent considering the product it is. I use it only on occasion but when I do it reminds how much, a little goes a long way.

Next, I can’t miss out both the Heel Genius or Hand Food. They’re great and by applying them it makes me believe I’ve put way more effort than I actually have because of the great results. Being honest I would like to say I use these once a week but its probably once a month.

Lastly, I’ve included the L’occitane hand cream. I love this as well and I like to use it if I’ve decided to have a mini break from Soap & Glory (but we all know that never lasts long).

Hope you enjoyed this post. I’m so excited to finally be able to blog and blog and blog. Like, follow and comment what are some of your body care essentials. Keep the look out for my next posts.

Love, Sophie



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