Firstly, I would just like to apologise for my first extra post of the Summer not being up at 6pm U.K time. However, I am very excited to do this because the last time I showed you all my bedroom was May 2015. Since then I have moved to a much larger room, I still have pretty much the same furniture just a different style to it. Personally, I love these posts because I can get inspiration on how others choose to decorate their rooms, not going to lie I doubt my bedroom will inspire many, but here you go…

image1 (2)Currently, my Dad is yet to get someone in to transfer my t.v to this room because its apparently plugged into the wall or whatever, so for now I have no t.v to place anywhere. But anyways, I have made do and instead I have; my jewellery box; all the current books I’ve read/enjoyed reading a while ago/still need to read. Go set a watchman was there and now has returned to this little collection, I read this book in a day (today in actual fact) and I urge you to read it, probably one of the most inspiring, intellectual books I have read in a long while. After my little book collection (honestly need a shelf or just my own little library to fit the rest of my books) I have my little love heart drawers. I received these as a present and at first I wasn’t too keen, however, it had my name on so I thought might as well find a place for it. But I honestly, think they’re so cute now and really fit well into my room. Also, if you’re wondering what is inside, its all my favourite nail varnishes, because again I’m just a girl that has too big of collections but no cute storage. Then, I like to keep current magazines close by so when I have the chance I can read, with obviously my camera on top, again handy place. Finally, I have my lamp which I don’t tend to have on often, especially now during the Summer months and the socket it should go into is where my phone charger usually is. But I’ll keep it because I think the colour of it really compliments the drawers.

image4 (2)

Most people would have their decorative cushions in front of their pillows, which is what I did at first. Although,  I think I just got a bit tired of having to fight my way through on a night to get to my comfy pillows and it taking ages to remake my bed on a morning. So I’ve enjoyed having these cushions at the back and I have to say I don’t think it looks bad. I was going to put them at the front for the sake of this post but I wanted an accurate representation of my room. Also, I love that its one of those beddings that’s reversible, not that I’ve yet had my bedding be just the lettering. Finally, I love the teddy bear blanket that stays at the bottom of my bed its so soft. Obviously, maybe not that practical for Summer months but I know even my Puppy loves it so much he’ll sneak into my room on a night just to lay on it.

image5 (1)

I love my bed side table, I love the flowers, I just love the simplicity. It’s just the way I like it, when I get into bed I can put my phone down and always a bottle of water.

image6 (1)

So this is one area of my room I tidied because let’s be honest no makeup station of mine would be organised. But anyways here’s where I keep my Dior, Chanel and Mac on display because I can’t seem to be able to put them away (that and the fact I probably don’t have enough space in the drawers, again storage problems.) I might do a Makeup Collection so I won’t go into too much detail.image7 (1)

Hope you enjoyed this blog post, I was not expecting it to be over 700 words, the plan was a short post for the first extra one of this summer. Ah well. Comment if you have done a bedroom related post, if not is there anything I didn’t include apart from the obvious wardrobe, but it is just plain and simple. See you soon.

Love, Sophie



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    1. Aw thank you! Have to admit I quite like my room too haha. Good to know I’m not the only one with the cushions, it’s just the effort of making sure it looks right when they’re at the front X


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