Firstly, where has this month gone? I mean I’m grateful because this means exams have finished. Anyways, its my Prom tomorrow and I’m very excited about it (also slightly nervous) and I’ve already planned two posts from the pictures I can take tomorrow. So, this month, with the whirlwind of finishing school, not knowing what to do with myself and the excitement of what’s to come, I realised I haven’t really had many favourites this month. But enjoy…

june 2016 2This is an obvious favourite to those who read my previous post. With time on my hands, I have turned to reading. I don’t feel quite so lazy if I’ve picked up a book and immersed myself into a character that’s either helped the Civil Rights Movement or solved and investigation. So far, I have read 5 books and I only officially left school 9 days ago…

Lukas Graham

I am absolutely obsessed with their album. I heard one of their songs, ‘Mama Said’ on the radio and immediately adored it. Especially after their other hit ‘7 Years’ I knew I had to see if they had any other songs. So you can imagine how happy I was to realise they had an Album! I can’t pick a favourite song because they’re all so catchy and meaningful.

june 2016 3

I am aware this is just a sample size/tester but until I use it all then I’m not going to go buy the bigger size (..cause I’m that cheap.) But in all seriousness, I don’t actually use a ton of this because it is quite dark for my skin tone. However, I have gained a bit of colour so my normal foundation is a bit pale for me. Therefore, I have been using this L’Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream to mix in with my foundation. I was honestly so happy with myself when this worked in my favour and I felt like Einstein (or some other smart person) for thinking this up. I know its not a new trick to the makeup world, but let me off, I’m slow, ok…

Itv Hub App (& Love Island)

This is two favourites in one because I use the Itv Hub App to watch my new favourite show; Love Island. I am in love with the itv app because its so handy for me to watch any shows I’ve missed. I also really like that there’s a lot less adverts which is always amazing. Furthermore, if you don’t watch Love Island you’re missing out. Personally, it would never be my type of show but I thought why not since I have all this spare time. If you do watch it, I think my favourite would be Sophie because she is just so straightforward and my favourite couple would have to be Nathan and Cara. Although, if you don’t watch Love Island you won’t have a clue what all that meant so that’s awkward… moving on.

june 2016I’m doing my own makeup for Prom and since its tomorrow I’ve been practising. I really wanted to try out false eyelashes because if you didn’t already know my natural eyelashes annoy me so much because they’re so straight. I have enjoyed trying out different ones, even after prom I think I’ll carry on wearing them because for once they give me decent eyelashes.

Hope you enjoyed this post, feel free to comment a link to your favourites post or just comment what your favourites have been this month. See you soon,

Love, Sophie


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  1. I read me before you in June also. Loved it! Cried at the end! I enjoyed the relatable, interesting characters with the emotional storyline and light hearted humour. Now I can’t wait to see the movie!☺️

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