WOOOO! It’s one of my long posts again. I am very excited to tell you what makeup I wore on my Prom day so here you go…

prom 10I started this makeup look off with eye shadow first because I realised then I can clear up any eye shadow that gets under my eye or if I have to start again there’s no panic. To begin with, I used my trusty No7 palette, not going to lie I was very tempted to purchase an Urban Decay Naked Palette but in the end I didn’t know which one to go for so I decided to just stick to what I know. Anyways I’ve added numbers so it’s easier for me to explain what shades I used in which order. So, starting off with no. 1, I used this shade as a base and across my lid. Then onto no. 2, I used this quite widely in my crease and outer corner to middle portion of my eyes. Next, I used no. 3, to go a bit darker in the outer corner of my eyes and to just define them a little more. Then, I used no. 4, this was for the inner portion of my eye, I used the Ted Baker eye shadow from the Brilliance of Beauty set. I was really impressed with it as it was much more pigmented than I expected. Lastly, I used the Bourjois Colour band Eye shadow and Liner right in the very, very inner corner of my eye to brighten it up and it certainly had that effect.

prom 9

Furthermore, I moved onto finishing off my eye makeup. So the first thing I did was use the Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen and I literally kissed this product to wish me luck. I am not the best person to do eyeliner and especially with my eye shadow going to plan I would not have been happy if this eye liner let me down. However, it didn’t and I have to say it was the BEST time I have ever done my eye liner before.

Next, I used the Eylure Lengthening lashes. I actually ended up cutting these lashes because what I wanted to do was split them up so they were easier to apply. But I only managed to cut 1 portion off from each before I thought that that would do. Anyways, come Prom day I was applying the bigger portion and I just loved the look it gave and didn’t see the need of applying the last one.

Lastly, I used the Benefit They’re Real Tinted Primer as it really lengthens my lashes to a length that I just love. Then I used the Dior show Mascara, which I have literally been saving until Prom and it was certainly worth the wait.

prom 11I have finally started doing something with my brows..YAY! I’m feeling very proud of myself at this moment in time. Also, I’m very glad that my eyebrows didn’t look bad considering I bought these products 48 hours before Prom and barely practised with them. So I used the Maybelline Master Brow Pro Palette, I used this very lightly and then brushed through. Finally, using the Maybelline Brow Drama to hold my brows in place. I don’t have anything to compare these products to, however, I was very happy with the outcome.

prom 5Moving onto setting my face ready for foundation, etc. I used the Benefit Porefessional, this was so good at immediately minimising the look of pores and I used this around my nose area. Lastly, I used the L’Oreal Infallible Primer, I do really enjoy using this Primer so I couldn’t leave it out when it came to my Prom makeup.

prom 6So if you read my June Favourites then you’ll know I have been mixing the L’Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream with my usual foundation Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum. I love the coverage this gives whilst still giving a light feeling on the skin. To apply this I used the buffing brush by Real Techniques from the Sam & Nic Collection. Furthermore, I used the Revlon Colour Stay Concealer which I have grown to love, it is a tad light for my skin tone Although, I love it because I apply it under my eyes which really brightens them up. Lastly, I used the Benefit Agent Zero Shine, this was absolutely amazing to set my makeup.

prom 7This combination is incredible. I started off with the L’Oreal Infallible Sculpt it is so easy to blend with. I used the highlight underneath the contour to make it ‘sharp’ which gives such a great effect. Then I go in with the Soap & Glory Wonderbronze, it gives a warm glow to my face and I used it over contour and at the top of my forehead.

prom 8Feel free to tell me I went overboard on highlighter but I loved it. So I started with the Benefit Shy Beam and it gives a more natural highlight, which I still love. But oh no, I wanted a bit of sparkle so I turned to the Ted Baker Highlight which is the middle shade. It just made the tops of my cheek bones POP. If you don’t believe me take a look..

prom 3(If you were interested this was before mascara, fake lashes or lipstick)

I also wasn’t feeling blush that day but if I were I would have used the first shade of Ted Baker because I think all three shades were blush but never mind.

prom 12

It was so difficult for me to decide what lip product I would use for Prom. I wanted to use one of my more high end lipsticks but I knew they were mainly red shades and just wouldn’t go with my dress. Finally, I wore the Mac Velvet Teddy Lipstick which I love the shade of. Then over the top, I lightly used the Dior Addict Lipgloss to keep my lips hydrated.

I do just want to apologise because in the excitement of Prom I didn’t get a proper picture of my makeup. However, I will show you the pictures I did get…

prom 2prom 4prom 1

Hope you enjoyed this post, I did warn at the beginning it would be a long one. Feel free to comment anything you would have done differently but also a link if you’ve recently done a makeup look.

Love, Sophie


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  1. You look beautiful! I love your make-up choices and of course, there’s no such thing as too much highlighter! I’ve only just started using it and I’m always on the look out for more 🙂

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