These past few days I’ve managed to capture some (in my opinion) cool pictures. So I thought I’d share them with you in this pretty, laid back, Wednesday post.

This was just a creepy bus picture I managed to take on the way back from the beach.

I was collecting stones to throw into the sea when my friend decided to scare me so much so I dropped the stones and went flying off. But all is fine because in the fright I got this idea to take a picture.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate, my feet got very wet trying to take these pictures.

I only took a couple bubble pictures that aren’t very creative. However, I enjoyed trying to edit them in a different way than I usually do with the pictures I take so I thought I’d include them.

So my friend wouldn’t come any closer but I do really like this photo (PLUS its more evidence of the length I went for these pictures.)

It’s fair to say my golden retriever pup got very muddy.

I’d like to say I took a picture of this ALIVE crab but alas it was not. Quite thankful really that I didn’t see its pinchers or whatever its called come and attack me.

I managed to get this super cute picture of Alfie because he always likes to wait if someone who he’s been walking with has trailed behind- puppy goals or what.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post, I liked adding captions to the pictures I’ve included I think it makes it that little bit more interesting. Also, I seemed like a crazy person on the beach, collecting shells just so I’d have a nice background for my photos on upcoming posts, dedication right there.

Love, Sophie



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