August Favourites 2016

The time has come round once again to write a favourites post and I’m really beginning to wonder where the days are going. Like seriously take me back to the start of Summer when I wasn’t worrying about College starting. Anyways, it took me a while to think about what I’ve been loving this month as I have […]

My GCSE Results 2016

On Thursday 25th August I received my G.C.S.E results (General Certificate of Secondary Education). If you don’t know, it’s qualifications in specific subjects, usually taken by 14-16 years in the U.K, except Scotland.  Anyways, I wanted to share with you my grades even if they’re not straight A’s. Or even any A’s at all: This […]

Pamper Evening Essentials

Still getting over the fact that my usual Sunday upload did not happen. However, I was not going to not post twice a week. So here it is, with results day, enrolling and starting college is happening soon I know I’ll be going through my usual Pamper Routine. With that in mind, I wanted to […]

Skincare Routine 2016 

I have wanted to do this post for so long now. But I wanted to make sure I had the right routine for my skin type (I have normal to dry skin). Anyways after months, I think I’ve found a stable Skincare Routine that suits me. Firstly, who doesn’t like Garnier Micellar Cleansing water? This […]

Summer Makeup Look 2016

Late March, I posted a Spring Makeup Look. So I was really excited to do a Summer version. Although, I have to say they do seem like pretty similar looks. I started off with the L’oreal Infallible Mattifying Primer. Which I have to admit, I was quite pleased I remembered to put on (anyone else […]

Sophie’s Summer Book Club #2

Accidentally, I haven’t put up one of these posts since June. That’s only because I’ve had so many other blog posts I’ve wanted to do. So anyways, here’s the books I’ve enjoyed… Honestly, I read this book quite a while ago, just before Summer actually, but I couldn’t not talk about how amazing ‘All the […]