Today, I had major bloggers block (is that even a thing??). I had a list of ideas of posts but for me, if I don’t have the enthusiasm to do it, it won’t get done. I will never do a post for the sake of it, therefore this is going up later than usual because it’s taken me most of the day coming up with what else I could blog about.

Obviously, I eventually (with the help from friends) decided upon ‘Life Goals’. These aren’t something I want to complete in 5 or 10 years these are literal life time goals. So writing about the future, I thought it would be fun to add the past and include pictures of my younger self. And if you know me you know that I always need to include photos (bad quality ones this time as I was not born in 2016 quality pictures era.)

Anyways moving on from the longest, introduction ever…


1. To be happy within myself and with my appearance.

Basically, if I can be happy and not care what I look like with THAT haircut (see picture above). Then surely it must be easy to achieve.


2. To travel until I feel like I’ve seen the world

This is a really important goal to me because I do want to do a lot of travelling when I’m older.


3. To have a job in the fashion industry.

Because clearly I was on trend from a young age. But in all seriousness its definitely the career path I want to go down and this picture was from a professional photographer that got me to stand like that. I am aware I look like I have a serious cramp in my leg.

image64. To continue my blog.

As passionate as I was to open everyone’s presents on Christmas Day, I hope I stay passionate about my blog to carry on.

image55. To volunteer for a charity/ donate a significant amount of money to one.

The idea of helping a great cause just makes me so happy inside. So hopefully when I’m older I get to volunteer or keep donating. According to this picture, I have the experience.

image16. Find a ‘soul mate’ or at least someone I’d like to spend the rest of my life with.

Quite a self-explanatory point. But whoever that person is will have to be extremely amazing if I’m spending that lengthy period of time with them.

image37. Learn a Language.

It would be my dream to learn a language. Well enough to be able to go to that country and get by.

image88. Make sure I step out of my comfort zone.

Take the above picture as an example. I was about 10, first time away from home (scary enough) and just after this picture was taken I had to climb a pole and jump off it. That was completely stepping out of my comfort zone. And I love the adrenaline rush you get from doing anything like that. So even if it’s a simple thing or jumping out of a plane I really want to keep pushing myself.

image29. Earn enough to be able to look after close family.

My family looked after me very well. The evidence is in this picture, did I ever get Sun burn? OF COURSE NOT. Do you see any skin showing? Apart from my face obviously. But seriously my parents had me sorted during the summer. Only disadvantage was, I stayed pale year round. Back to the point, I’d love to repay my family for everything they’ve given me.

image410. To meet at least one inspirational person.

I don’t really have a set list but I guess for different aspects of my life I have different role models. For example, books, I’d love to meet John Green because I love his writing style. Or Jennifer Aniston because did you see her in Friends?!?

Hope you enjoyed this post and didn’t mind me joining the past with the future. Comment down below some of your goals in life if you’d like. See you soon.

Love, Sophie



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  1. I love your list 🙂

    I share your like of John Green’s work. 🙂 My friend recommended them so I read some before I left school, and the others are on my wishlist. I’m not sure if you already know, but he and his brother make YouTube videos on the ‘Vlogbrothers’ channel.

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