On Thursday 25th August I received my G.C.S.E results (General Certificate of Secondary Education). If you don’t know, it’s qualifications in specific subjects, usually taken by 14-16 years in the U.K, except Scotland. 

Anyways, I wanted to share with you my grades even if they’re not straight A’s. Or even any A’s at all:

This was my face after I got my exams…

Maths: B 

I’d been getting B’s throughout the whole course. But a month before exams I was getting A’s, so I guess I just missed out in the exam.

Business: B

I don’t know what went wrong here. Business was my strongest subject. I’d been getting A*’s for the past two years. But it’s not a subject I’m carrying on and not one of the most important ones so I don’t really mind.

Science: B

Really don’t know how I got this. Throughout the Summer I was just praying I passed Science as it was my weakest subject so I was so shocked to see this. 

Additional Science: C

Honestly didn’t mind because I just wanted to pass science with the exams being so hard.

Textiles: B

I didn’t really have any expectations for this subject. I mean I love it and wanted to do well. But I didn’t have a specific grade I wanted. 

French: B

This one I was kind of hoping for a higher grade. My teacher came over and told me I’d just missed an A which is annoying. This was the one subject I thought I had a chance with to get an A as I worked hard for it, but oh well. 

English Language: A

This one surprised me so badly. Mainly because in the exam there was a creative writing section and you had to write about a time when you were put under pressure. So I wrote about being in that exam and how it was ridiculous that the government graded me on how much I could write in 2 hours 30 minutes. Clearly the examiner agreed with me.
History: B

As much as I loved the subject, I really didn’t mind what I achieved as its nothing I want to carry on with. Although, I was happy with this because it is a difficult subject. 

English Literature: B

I’d been getting C’s in this subject. And it didn’t matter what I did, I’d ask the teacher how to improve, I’d make the changes, but still be left at C. So I’m very happy that I came out with a B. 

So I know I didn’t get the best results. But I was just so happy to see that I’d passed everything. The way I see it is, what’s done is done, time to move onto college. 

I did a little layout of little things from the past 5 years. For example, my textiles trip ticket to the Clothes Show and my name badge from Work Experience at Dunelm. 

I also thought I’d mention in this post about enrolling into college. I did this the day after my results and I went with one of my best friends. After getting my results photocopied, student I.d photo taken, I then went to have an ‘interview’. They basically just asked me the courses I wanted to start. So I picked, Design, Photography and French. 

The woman that interviewed me was so lovely. And the best thing she said to me was that ‘she knew I was the type of person that knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go get it.’ Which was a very nice compliment. Even though it’s going to be a lot of hard work I’m very excited to start on the 7th September.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. I suppose if anything, it was more for my benefit to look back on than anyone else’s. If you got your results, whether they were good or bad, well done. Because everyone *CRINGE WARNING* is on their own unique path. See you soon.

Love, Sophie


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