On Wednesday, I start College/Sixth Form and I wanted to make sure I had at least 5 different outfits to last me a full week. Turns out, I have way more than that but I didn’t want this post to keep dragging on. So here are my top 5 outfit choices…


I mentioned this outfit in my ‘August Favourites‘. Therefore, its really no surprise its made it into my Top 5. I love how this top flows and it doesn’t matter how I wake up feeling this is perfect to wear.

High Waisted Black Jeans

Black Sateen Bardot Neck Top


This is probably the most colourful outfit I have in my wardrobe. I love this sweater, it is so comfortable. And can we also just ignore my no makeup face, thanks.

Batwing Crop Sweater

Grey Skinny Jeans 

image3Firstly, I love these dungarees as they are so wearable with whatever. Plus if you don’t have a plain white shirt in your wardrobe, then why not?

Also, dear dungaree lovers (that sounds so weird). Does anyone know where I can get a good paid of Dungarees that are skinny trousers?

Black Dungarees

White Oversized Shirt

image5I love this sleeveless jacket. I personally think adding this to any outfit really completes the look.

Grey Sleeveless jacket

image2This top is my most recent purchase and I think its so pretty. I know this outfit will be a definite staple in my wardrobe for college.

Black Bardot Top 

Hope you enjoyed this blog post, I can’t believe I’m starting college soon. Like where has the 10 week Summer gone? Anyways feel free to like, follow and comment what you’ve been doing to prepare for school. Just passed 390 followers on here so thank you so much! I always aimed for 400 by the end of Summer and we’ve practically done that. And finally, I am still going to try and post twice a week, so I’ll just see how that goes. See you soon.

Love, Sophie


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  1. Such lovely tops. Also have you checked Asos, Boohoo or forever 21 I don’t know f they have them or the ones that you want but they are my go too if I am looking for something specific. (so unfair you start back Wednesday I start back Tuesday 😦 )

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