It’s been a crazy week and I’m just not used to having so much to do. I also had a not great week at College and wanted to share it with you all. Including pictures of my stationary I’ll be using for College. 

I seem to have more than enough notebooks. Although the blue one is for blogging. Also, I went to Tesco with the intention of buying a diary and ended up with this A4 project planner, either way I’m happy. The other two are from The Works, and I personally think these are so cute with the colours and lettering. 
I’ve had these pens and pencils for ages now and they’re so handy to have whenever I’d like to make something look pretty. Both are from WHSmith

I bought both of these today from Tesco. I think these are so asthetically pleasing. The one on the left is just a massive folder and the other is a file with 20 plastic wallets inside.
These are just a few different things I’ll be keeping in my bag, pens, highlighters, calculator..this I was not expecting to need.

Following the last paragraph, I’ll now briefly explain my first few college days. Basically, French and Photography (2 of my chosen courses) were on at the same time. This I was gutted about because these were my two favourite. I was told it would be fine because Photography had too many students in the class so they were going to split the class in two. This all went over a few days whilst I didn’t know what was going on. They then told me that Photography students were starting to drop the course so they didn’t need to split the class so I needed to pick something else. 

To sum up, I have had to change French to Psychology. I’m quite disappointed as its not what I wanted to do. I never seem to rant on here, but I thought this was necessary. The teacher sorting my situation out, told me that it costs £10,000 to split a class. But I fail to see how that’s in anyway my fault or my problem? Surely they’re supposed to be accommodating everyone. And I wasn’t told any of this when I was enrolling. 

I have been looking for french classes outside of college. So if anyone knows of any websites for open colleges etc that would be greatly appreciated.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. Sorry I kind of left it on a negative note but I am trying to be positive on the whole situation. I might end up liking Psychology, who knows? Also have no idea how I’ll keep up two posts a week. If anyone has any suggestions to blog posts please comment. See you soon.

Love, Sophie 


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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! I love your stationery too! And I feel for you, as those would be my two favorite courses as well. It’s terrible that you had to have such a conundrum on the FIRST day 😦 Hopefully it will all get sorted out as time goes on. Best of luck to you ❤️

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  2. Wow, I love your stationary! Especially the notebooks–Now that I’m in my second year of college I’m definitely choosing practicality over what looks good, but I can’t deny that I’m envious of what you’ve gone for. It makes me miss the fun I had in the first year! Hopefully you enjoy psychology (I wanted to study a-levels just for that subject, but I only had four months to do my GCSE Science and therefore didn’t get the grade, so I went with a BTEC instead, bummer!). As for French, the site teaches several language for free, and is a really great resource. I’m using it for Spanish super casually and really like it! I’ve learnt loads more than I ever did in classes in secondary school!

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