Since starting college, this weekend has been by far my busiest. Not even with homework, but just because I’ve actually had plans, me, that’s crazy right?!

Anyways, it was one of my Best friends birthday earlier in the week and last night we went to a restaurant to celebrate.

Here are the pictures I got my Dad to take. And if you have read a few of my posts now you’ll realise that when I ask my Dad to help take blog pictures, I end up with the majority of them being of my pup. I’ll let him off though, my dog is cute enough to be in my camera roll.

I’d add some links in but honestly, I have had these items in my wardrobe for so long now. I doubt any of them would still be in stock. 
Also, I kept telling myself that this top was not black but a really really dark navy. However, no camera actually picks up the colour of it so I guess, yet again, I’m styling that all black outfit. 

Had to include a couple of pictures that included Alfie just so you know I’m not lying when I say that I get more pictures of Alfie than of what I’m wearing. 
Since I already told you all I had a busy weekend I might as well mention what I was up to today.

Let’s all just excuse this no makeup face. I realise I’m looking a tad horrendous. But everyone needs at least one day of the week to not wear makeup. And mine was today…Can I find someone that looks at me the way that I look at my dog? No, alright then…
Hope you enjoyed this blog post. I do apologise that it was more picture based. Comment down below what you’ve been up to recently, I really need to stay connected with the blogging community. See you soon.

Love, Sophie


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  1. You look so pissed off in your ootd pictures but when the pup turns up you’re happy. Also I am up to many toddler activities and I’m trying to beat my time on your experiment thingy

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    1. I know haha. Oops. Tbf that pissed off face was probably because my dad had the camera pointed at Alfie the whole time.

      Jesus Christ, I handed that in what feels like so long ago. It’s okay, you don’t have to be good at it haha X

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      1. No you never told me because I would’ve been quicker if you told me and I was shocked after the first one and I called you out instantly

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      1. You’re welcome! Hahaha it can be tough! We went out for a surprise birthday meal at this place on Tuesday night, which was her actual birthday (writing a bit of a post on it with some pictures etc.) and then on Friday we went to her’s for pizza 🙂 It was great, thank you!

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