The past couple of weeks I have started to freeze going to College. So I realised it was probably time I start shopping and thinking about how I can dress appropriately during the colder months. Between clothes already in my wardrobe and stuff I picked up today, this is what I came up with. 

Also, I do apologise for the pictures, it’s probably the worst background I’ve had. But it was raining outside and annoyingly it’s sunny now. 

Firstly these High Waisted Super Skinny jeans are honestly the comfiest pair I’ve ever owned. Secondly, New look have the best sale right now. Today I picked up this Bomber Jacket for just £10 down from £29.99. Also, this white cold shoulder top for just £6.
The only different item here is the top. And I’ve had this a while now from Miss selfridge. But I’m going through the stage of really loving this at the minute. Plus it has long sleeves so it keeps me partially warm. 
Today, I bought some blue jeans, these are again so comfy so I know I’ll get a lot of use out of them. I love wearing this sweater the colour and fit is good. All together I think this is a really cute outfit. 
Hope you enjoyed this blog post. I might try to do a part two because this is probably not the end of me shopping for the winter months. Like, comment and feel free to follow. See you soon.

Love, Sophie 


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