November Favourites 2016

It’s crazy how fast this month and every month this year for that matter, has gone. But it’s also really exciting because it’s getting round to Christmas Timeee!!  Anyways here’s what I’ve been loving during the course of November. Candles I may have bought myself just a small collection of candles at the beginning of […]

How I’ve Settled into Sixth Form

I was so close to not blogging today. And it’s not as if it was because I couldn’t be bothered or I didn’t have the time. It was that I had planned posts for every week but this one.  Anyways, back to the point of this. I wanted to do a chatty post, so I […]

October Favourites 2016

THIS IS CRAZY. I’m so incredibly grateful that 500 people decided to follow my blog. Like mine, why? I’ll never know. Thank you all so much. Yoga With Adriene Throughout October I successfully completed the 30 Days of Yoga Camp. Its pretty self explanatory, you do a different yoga video everyday. I could feel myself […]