THIS IS CRAZY. I’m so incredibly grateful that 500 people decided to follow my blog. Like mine, why? I’ll never know. Thank you all so much.

Yoga With Adriene

Throughout October I successfully completed the 30 Days of Yoga Camp. Its pretty self explanatory, you do a different yoga video everyday. I could feel myself getting stronger during the month and it was one of the best things I decided to do. I’m definitely not the type of person to go for a run. So being able to do Yoga in the comfort of my room and at the times that suited me, was just an added bonus.

Anti Blister Stick

I’m not going to go into too much detail with this one because its kind of gross. Anyways, I have been using this everyday for the past month and it seems to be working. Don’t get me wrong, I still end up with red marks on the backs of my ankles but no blisters. And for that I’m grateful.


I don’t know how I can say I loved this during the whole month because I’m pretty sure I binge watched every episode within 48 hours. If you didn’t know Victoria is an 8 part drama featured on ITV. It had me hooked, so you can imagine how gutted I was when it came to the last episode and it said it wasn’t returning till 2017. Oh yeah, I should probably mention what its actually about. Its the story of Queen Victoria’s early reigning years. I didn’t think it would interest me as much as it did, so if you still can I urge you to watch it. Jenna Coleman is the leading role and I couldn’t think of anyone better, she is incredibly talented. 


October is always the month that shows Autumn in full swing. And I can honestly say I’m very happy about that. I love seeing the leaves change colour, the darker nights and the fact that I can have hot chocolates and its acceptable, maybe. However, as much as I love this season, one thing I do not appreciate is how cold it is. Can Mother Nature just bring the freezing temperatures when I’m ready for it? (which is never).

The Michalaks

I’m surprisingly fussy over who I watch on YouTube. I have to really enjoy their content if I’m going to watch everything they upload. So I rarely find anyone new because I just stick to what I know. Although, a few weeks ago I found the Michalaks, I’d heard of them before but thought that they did the same as the Sacconejoly’s so I didn’t see the point in being subscribed to another family YouTube channel. How wrong I was. The Michalaks bring so much more to YouTube than just family vlogs. The editing on their videos are insane. Every week when they upload I feel like I’m about to watch an episode on TV.

Benefit They’re Real Tinted Primer

I’m pretty sure I have mentioned this in a favourites post before. But I have definitely been reaching for this a lot more recently. It creates an amazing base for Mascara and if I’m not wearing mascara then its just great to have on anyways. I usually have this just on my bottom lashes because it separates my lashes and it looks too clumpy if I put mascara on the bottom too. Also, I’m aware I need to buy the full sized product, don’t judge me…

Little Mix ‘Shoutout to My Ex’

Little Mix aren’t usually one of my favourite bands. Although, this song is very catchy and I haven’t been able to stop listening to it since it came out. Spookily, its just started playing from my playlist I had going on in the background. Yup, still love it.

Soap & Glory Wonderbronze

Ah, its that time of the year again where I become super pale. So as I don’t want to look like an orange during these colder months I’ve been using this as it still has a warm glow but its light at the same time.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post, comment some of your favourites or a link to your favourites post if you’ve done one this month. Can anyone actually believe its November already? Everything is turning Christmassy and I don’t know whether to be excited or scream its too early. Who knows. Anyways, see you soon.

Love, Sophie


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  1. Congratulations!! 🎉🎊 I’m so happy for you😊 (I LOVE the use of the leaves in your photos, they look really cute🙈🍂🍁)

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