This is probably very uninteresting to all of you. But for me, I’m very excited to share all these pictures of my now 1 year old Golden Retriever, Alfie. His birthday was yesterday and to mark the occaison on this blog I thought I’d share pictures that I’ve taken of him over the months.


This was the month I chose Alfie out of a cute litter of puppies. I had to wait till February to pick him up. 

I picked Alfie up on my 1 year blogiversary. And I actually blogged on that day, if you want to read it you can here



It’s crazy to think there was a point that I could actually pick Alfie up, not very well but still. 







I also attempted cupcakes or ‘pupcakes’. But they didn’t really turn out too well. Nevermind…

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. It was so cute looking back at old pictures of Alfie and I can’t believe he’s now 1. The next milestone will be actually having him for 1 year. As well as that being my 2 year blogiversary. Okay, I’ll stop now as this has turned into one of my longest endings. See you soon. 

Love, Sophie


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