I’m so gutted that Christmas is practically over. It’s not fair. There’s just the huge build up to Christmas and then it’s over within a blink of an eye. 

But enough of me complaining, I was very grateful for what I received and because I did it last year I thought I’d share with you what I got. I won’t include everything, just the fairly interesting stuff. 

Cecelia Ahern – Flawed. I love this author and have yet to have read this book so my Mum did very well to pick this one out. 
Jennifer Niven- Holding Up the Universe. I asked for this book for Christmas because I read All the Bright Places and loved it. So when I heard this one was coming out I knew I had to get my hands on it. 

Sophie Kinsella- Finding Audrey. I’m pretty sure I saw Zoella speak about this in one of her videos. And a while ago I read Twenties girl which both my mum and I love. So I was so happy to get this for Christmas. 

Real Techniques Your Picks

My Mums friend got me this super cute compact mirror by Ted Baker. This is going to be so handy to have in my bag.

This excited me SO MUCH. Argh I’ve wanted an urban decay palette for so long but I didn’t know which one to get first because of the shades in each. But I finally settled on this one and I was so fortunate to get it for Christmas. This is the ultimate basics and I just know I’ll use all shades. 

I was so grateful for these earrings. They go well together (I have two piercings on each ear). I can’t link them because they’re from a local jewellers. 

I read the book Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. So my Mum bought me the DVD. Which by the way, was so good, my Mum may or may not have cried at the movie. 

The Big Wedding DVD

My friends got me the most amazing presents. They’re not all here because the others are in use. But I’m so grateful.

Zoella Body Cream

Victoria’s Secret Sheer Love

My parents decided to go above and beyond spoiling me. They know how much I’m obsessed with my room and how I’m very particular about the furniture in there. So to complete it they bought me a Toulouse white cheval mirror. I just can’t get over how pretty it is.
My cousin knows me so well. But I had no idea she’d actually get me the Zoella bag that includes all these goodies inside. 

Zoella On My Travels Back Pack

Louis Chair
No7 illuminated Makeup Mirror

I was so grateful to receive so many Soap & Glory products. So instead of including too many pictures I’ll link them instead.
Soaper Heroes

Soaper Spa

Girl O Whirl

 In our house, we save two presents for each other for later on in the day just so we have something else to open. For me, these were my presents. I was sooooo surprised. I love that they both match and they’re both so simple and dainty. I can tell I’ll be wearing these, a lot. 

Heart Ring

Heart Stud Earrings

Hope you enjoyed my blog post. I didn’t comment on everything I got because that’d probably turn into the longest blog post ever. But I’m so grateful for everything I received yesterday and I hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas. See you soon.

Love, Sophie


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