I have been back and forth with the idea of writing a New Years Resolution styled post. And yes, I agree Resolutions can seem pointless because if you want to change your life in some way, you can do it at any point in the year. But you have to admit, it gets to the end of the year and its hard not to think about what you want to get out of the next. And that’s exactly what I’ve done, so here are my ‘intentions’ shall we say..

Live a Healthier Lifestyle

This is stereotypically most peoples goal at the start of the year, its usually mine every time. Although I have actually surprised myself and I did start early to fulfil this one, since Boxing Day actually. Also, I’ve been making smoothies everyday now and I actually really love them, I’m suddenly obsessed. Finally, I want to start going to the gym or join a fitness class with my mum.

Focus on Blogging

I’ve always had an interest in blogging because if I didn’t I wouldn’t have stuck with it for almost 2 years. But because 2016 was such a busy year for me, I found less time to actually blog.  This year, I want to focus more attention into blogging because its something I love to do. Also, I’d love to do some collaboration posts or just get to know more about the people who’s posts I read regularly (I.E YOU READING THIS!) So if you’re interested in either comment or email me (sophie15samantha@gmail.com)

Become Better at Time Management

I’m either really organised and have everything done and literally end up with nothing to do. Or I have a long list of things that need doing and it either takes me 20 billions years to get it done or I just don’t do it. As well I think need to learn to Prioritise. Obviously I know homework should come before painting my nails for example, but that’s not to say that actually happens. Like now, I’m writing a blog post when I should be revising for my Psychology exam. So clearly its something I need to work on.

Learn to Drive

A couple of weeks ago, I would have said “NOPE, Me? Drive? I’m okay thanks”. And its not because I don’t want to. Its because IM SO DAMN SCARED. I feel like I’d just be one big disaster on the road. Nevertheless, I’ve started to come to terms with learning to drive and I’m just trying to push out any bad thoughts I have on the matter. My Birthday is in early February, so as its getting closer I guess I’m getting more excited to start learning, WISH ME LUCK!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. I did the same post last year but I had a few more goals then. Probably because this year I’ve decided to have no expectations and just go with the flow. See you soon.

Love, Sophie


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  1. Ahh I thought I would hate driving but really the theory test isn’t too difficult if you do your study😀 Driving for my first time was a tad scary but so much fun! You will definitely feel the adrenaline!😋

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