It kind of bothered me that I hadn’t actually done a post looking back at 2016. And since I’d done one last year, it feels only right to commemorate the end of the year somehow. Even though, we’ll be going into the second month of the year shortly. Here are 16 things to happen to me in 2016.

45c78e7f-e738-4892-a902-dda64dcce1fe1. I turned 16!

This was a pretty big milestone for me at the time. But now, I’m not far off from 17, which seems crazy in itself.


2. Getting Alfie

Alfie was my 16th Birthday present. He was the highlight of my year and I can’t believe its been almost 12 months since I got to pick him up.

3. Helmsley

I got to visit the cutest village and I can’t wait to go again.

49a9a7ba-1859-436f-a98e-e1c87e0181ec4. Alton Towers

During my last year of Secondary school, we had a trip to Alton Towers. It was INSANE! I love the adrenaline rush off rides.

5. Leaving School

YESS I finally got to leave the school I’d spent 5 years in and I couldn’t have been happier.


6. Sunderland Air Show

I was really young when I last went to the Sunderland Air Show. So it was an incredible experience to go again.


7. Explored

During 2016, I explored all the places I’d been numerous times but hadn’t truly taken the time out to see.


8. Prom

I don’t think there’s anything I really need to say apart from it being a very memorable evening.

9. GCSE Results

I collected my results and to say that I was happy was an understatement. They were pretty average results to most but I was just ecstatic that I’d passed everything. That day I remember feeling the happiest I had done in a while because the hard work had paid off.

My GCSE Results

10. Starting College

College/Sixth form, whichever you know it as, I started it. And even though it is harder work, I appreciate the free time I have so I can keep up with it.

11. Pen Pal

2016 was the year I started writing to someone again. I’d missed it so much. So I was so grateful when my best blogging friend Béline and I arranged to write to each other. We’re both so busy so its great to be able to take time out to write a letter to keep in touch and to keep the other up to date with our lives. By the way, if you haven’t already you NEED to check out Béline’s blog. I can guarantee you will love it as much as I do.

12. 500 followers

I 100% don’t blog for followers. But something I can never get my head round is why so many people would choose to follow me. Therefore, it was very much a highlight of my year to see that 500 people decided to click that follow button on my blog. I’m forever grateful and its so crazy to think that I’ve almost hit 600.

13. Making New Friends

Obviously since starting College, I made many more friends. Some that I can tell will be in my life for a very long time to come.


14. Newcastle

I spent a couple nights away in the beautiful city of Newcastle. Seriously the amount of photo opportunities! Also the shopping was great.


15. Christmas

Like my birthday, Christmas is a yearly occurrence but 2016 had to be a favourite Christmas of mine. Mainly, because I managed to give the most presents I’ve ever given to my parents before, and they deserve every one.

16. I found myself beginning to be okay with myself.

Maybe none of you will understand what I mean. But for me, its taken me what feels like forever to start and be okay with how I look, how I feel and everything in between. 2016 was the year I realised that this is me and that’s not always a bad thing.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. Sorry the pictures weren’t evenly spread out I was trying to put the points in semi chronological order. However, I did quite like how I tied the highlights of last year up into this post. Finally, it was a nice Goodbye to 2016. See you soon.

Love, Sophie



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