We need to stop taking our beaches for granted. Scrap that. We need to stop taking our environment for granted.

This is far from my usual upload, so if you’re not prepared for a rant, then feel free to click off now.  Today, I decided to take Alfie for a walk on one of the many beaches  I  fortunately live close to. As we arrived at 1 of more than 200 beaches that we have over here in the U.K, I stood aghast at the amount of waste dumped onto the sandy grounds.


Old Christmas trees, Plastics (A LOT) , Rope and in general litter. You name it, you’d probably find it there. Plastic bottles found on our coastlines rose by 57.2% in England. Plastic litter has increased 140% since 1994. Overall, charity’s reports reveal a 34% rise in beach litter between 2014 an 2015.

And because of the state the beach was in, I decided it was clearly unsafe to walk my excitable pup who’d more than likely step on something he shouldn’t or eat something he shouldn’t.

But it got me thinking; when did our natural surroundings start to become so ruined? When did the ocean start washing in rubbish that we had dumped in the sea to start with? When did there become people who were too lazy to empty rubbish into a bin and treat the beach as one?  When did we stop caring?




What surprised me more than anything, was just taking a short drive down the coast-literally less than 5 minutes– we reached a long clean stretch of sand.

The intention of this post wasn’t to focus on the negatives of our beaches. But to recognise the good in them and to realise we need to hold DAMN tight onto these sandy shores. By looking after them the right way. Because its clear we have hope left, we do have picturesque beaches, we just need to make sure the rest of them reach the same standard.

Dear Reader,

I’d like to carry on taking my dog for long enjoyable walks on the beach for many years to come. And I’m sure if you have a dog you can reciprocate. If you don’t, a good walk along a beach didn’t harm anyone either. So let’s please do this together. Because if we don’t, no one else will. We can’t neglect our beaches any longer. This is just one problem to the many that we face everyday. And if we carry on the way we’re going we’ll face a lot more. This is something I’d love to know more about, so I’m basing one of my Design projects on it at A level. Hopefully, I’ll learn a way to help.

Love, Sophie


Surfers Against Sewage

Marine Conservation Society


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